SOAS University of London

Fayrouz Yousfi

I joined the Department of Development Studies at SOAS because of the quality of the course it provides and its critical approach to the industry of international development.

MSc Globalisation and Development 2016 - 2017

My program Globalisation and Development enabled me to develop the necessary tools to analyse, engage and critically assess the political, economic and social impacts of development on my country, Morocco. The lectures and the discussions in the tutorials offered me a space to develop ideas for a fairer and just world.

During my degree, I developed a passion for agrarian studies and rural development. I was grateful to be able to accommodate and choose courses that tackle this topic and write my dissertation on agrarian transformation in Morocco. SOAS is very diverse, this was particularly apparent through the cultural events and various conferences held on campus. Finally, I would say that the highlight of my year at SOAS was bumping into my lecturers in various demonstrations and protests, either for migrants’ rights or against governmental austerity measures and budget cuts. 

After completing my studies, I worked for different international organizations in London and Morocco. Recently, I joined the International Organization for Migration in Morocco, where I work as the ‘Migration, Environment and Climate Change’ Focal Point. I’m currently managing a project that engage the Moroccan diaspora in agro-ecology farming methods. A key element of my work is to lobby the government to develop policies that promote ecological, low-external input and people-centred agriculture.