SOAS University of London

Department of Development Studies

Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and States

An understanding of neoliberalism, globalisation, and states is essential to a critical analysis of contemporary development and capitalism. In this tradition, a number of academics and research students in the Department of Development Studies work on investigating the social, political, and economic forces behind these phenomena at the local, national, and international levels. The character of this work often puts into sharp relief the impacts on and influences of labour, crisis, resistance, power, space, finance, and institutional restructuring. While our research often draws on the experiences of poorer societies in the global south, so too are links made to the world’s richer societies and relations of imperialism. Our regional specializations span the globe, from Africa to East Asia to the Middle East to South East Asia to Latin America. As such, the Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and States research cluster brings together a wide range of diverse and critical scholars systematically investigating some of the most important changes occurring over the last three decades.