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Festival of Dyslexic Culture


Date: 8 November 2014Time: 12:00 AM

Venue: London

Type of Event: Festival

The not-for-profit Festival of Dyslexic Culture will showcase all the things that dyslexic (and dyspraxic, dyscalculic, AD(H)D and Aspergers) people are good at, and how they excel at them.

Still in the planning stages, the festival is expected to be held on 8th November 2014 and will include academics, actors, animators, architects, artists, comedians, chefs, dancers, dreamers, dyslexic youth creativity, engineers, entrepreneurs, games designers, improvisers, information technology geeks, inventors, film makers, lateral thinkers, leaders, musicians, photographers, poets, politicians, problem-solvers, song writers, athletes, story tellers, writers, visionaries and all manner of other creative hybrids and activities.

Submit your videos to showcase your creativity or audition for the event later this year and get in touch to offer your support for the festival. Find them on facebook 

Organiser: Ross Cooper

Contact email: