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Disability and Dyslexia Service

Study Inclusion Plan FAQs

  • What is a Study Inclusion Plan?

    The Study Inclusion Plan (SIP) is a confidential report for students with disabilities or SpLDs (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD).  It describes any adjustments required for study, including exam and library arrangements.

  • How do I get a Study Inclusion Plan (SIP)?

    To get a Student Inclusion Plan, we need:

    1) Appropriate evidence of your disability or SpLD (Specific learning Difference). For example, a medical report or a Dyslexia diagnostic report.

    2) A completed confidentiality form.

    You can send these electronically to or you can bring them in to the office. 

    Students with SpLDs (eg dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD): you will then receive an email with a link to where you can complete your SIP online.  Note: if you would like to discuss it or complete it with an advisor please attend a disability drop-in (see for drop-in times)

    Students with other disabilities (eg: mental health issues, physical disabilities, medical conditions) or two or more disabilities including an SpLD: please contact us on 020 7074 5015 or email to book an appointment with a disability advisor to discuss your support and exam arrangements and complete your SIP.

  • I have been sent a link by email to activate my SIP what do I do next?

    Please click on the link which will take you to your online student services account which is on the SOAS home page. Your SIP will remain here until you log in and review and agree to distribute and either redistribute your SIP or down load it as a PDF and email it.

    If you are having any problems activating your SIP please attend a disability drop in session (see for drop-in times) 

  • Who gets to see the contents of my Study Inclusion Plan?

    Your SIP will remain in your Online student services account until you agree to distribute it. By agreeing to this, you are giving your permission for the SIP to be distributed to all your module convenors for the duration of your programme of study at SOAS. Information from your SIP is also shared with the library, exams and faculty student support office on a need-to-know basis.

    Please note: if you change modules, you will be responsible for sharing it with your new module convenor. Also, if you want to share it with other teaching staff (e.g. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) or Programme convenors), it will be up to you to send it separately. You can do this any time by logging into your online student services account which is on the SOAS home page and either redistribute your SIP or down load it as a PDF and email it.

  • What happens to my Study Inclusion Plan for any subsequent year that I study on the same programme?

    Your Study Inclusion Plan (SIP) is automatically distributed each year to module convenors after the 3rd week of Term 1. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If you change modules, you will be responsible for sharing your SIP with your new module convenor.  Also, if you want to share it with other teaching staff (e.g. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) or Programme Convenors), it will be up to you to send it separately.

  • What happens if I change modules or change my programme of study?

    If you change modules or your programme of study, give a copy of your SIP to your new module convenors.  You can get a copy by visiting SOAS online student services and printing your SIP from there.

  • Are there any courses where I am NOT able to do an online SIP?

    Yes, if you are studying an IFCELS (ICC, FDPS & ELAS) or language centre or research programme, you cannot do an online SIP. Please contact Student Advice and Wellbeing and make an appointment to see a disability advisor who will assist you to create a SIP.

  • I already have a Learning Support Agreement (LSA). Do I need to do anything?

    No, you do not need to create anything new (the LSA is basically the same as the Student Inclusion Plan).  However, remember to distribute your LSA to the staff who are teaching you each year.

  • What if I only want School Exam Arrangements only - do I need a full SIP?

    If you only want School Exam Arrangements, please still send a copy of your evidence and a completed confidentialty form to  You will still be required to create a SIP but you would only select 'school exam arrangements'  and would say 'no' to other adjustments available.

    Note: All exam arrangements are subject to confirmation by the exams office - you will receive an email as the exam period approaches which will confirm your exam arrangements.  For more information and details about deadlines for exam arrangements, please go to:

  • What happens if I no longer want a SIP?

    If you no longer want a SIP, please attend a drop-in to discuss this with a disability advisor who can arrange for your SIP to be archived and no longer distributed.

  • How do academic staff get access to Study Inclusion Plans?

    If you are a module convenor you will now be able to view Study Inclusion plans (SIP) on Columbus for students you are teaching with a disability/ specific learning difference. You will be alerted by email if a student you are teaching distributes their SIP and this will direct you to Columbus. Please log in, in the usual way and select the Columbus link and below your timetable you should see the link called "Study inclusion plans" - click on this link to view any SIPs.

    For certain programmes you will recieive a PDF via email of the SIP instead ( e.g IFCELS or language centre or if your student uses screening reading software as the primary source for accessing text). For academics who are not module convenors or if you have any problems viewing a SIP please ask the student to email you a PDF of their SIP.

    If you recieve an email asking you to view a SIP for a module you are not teaching please contact the home faculty student officer for that programme of study so that the module records can updated and the SIP distributed to the correct member of staff.

    If you are teaching a continuing student with a Learning Support Agreement (LSA), they do not need a SIP but should continue to send teaching staff their LSA via email.

    For assistance using Columbus or obtaining log in details please contact the IT helpdesk