SOAS University of London

Disability and Neurodiversity Team

Year Abroad

The year abroad institutions are governed by their own regulations. Please be aware that any adjustments you have agreed with the Disability & Neurodiversity Team at SOAS may not be accepted at the year abroad institution.

If you would like to arrange for adjustments to be put in place on your year abroad you should contact the Disability office or year abroad co-ordinator in your host institution. If you decide to do this you should take a copy of your medical evidence or educational psychologist’s report with you as they may be necessary to arrange any adjustments (eg extra time in exams).

You may prefer to wait to talk to the Disablity office or SOAS contact in the year abroad institution when you arrive and to familiarize yourself with any confidentiality policy and relevant procedures for submission of coursework and examination before requesting reasonable adjustments. The confidentiality of your information at the host institution cannot be guaranteed by SOAS and you are advised to consider that when agreeing to share any disability-related information.