PhD Manager

PhD Manager (2018 onwards)

PhD Manager will mean that supervisory meetings will no longer be recorded on the Moodle logbooks, as these are no longer supported by the vendor, but on the system which will provide a user-friendly dashboard where all the required information on these meetings will be documented and agreed by the students and supervisors.

Log in to PhD Manager using your SOAS ID and password.

Screenshot based user guides are also available. If you have technical difficulties, please email

Logbooks (2012–2018)

Please note that Logbooks have now been replaced by PhD Manager.


Please note that most forms are now located within the PhD Manager system.

All researchers submitting Upgrade and Fieldwork applications should log in to PhD Manager and complete the respective online forms.

All forms must be submitted to the Doctoral School Section, Registry and may require written confirmation from Supervisors, Directors of Doctoral Studies and/or Financial Sponsors, as per the respective workflow on PhD Manager:

  • Extension of Writing-Up (Continuation) - confirming eligibility for the reduced fee in the Extension year (normally the optional fourth year of full-time or 7th part-time PhD study) [Now found as 'Change Requests' in PhD Manager]
  • Interruption of Study - [Now found as 'Change Requests' in PhD Manager]
  • Mode of study changes - for students wishing to change full-time to part-time or vice versa [Now found as 'Change Requests' in PhD Manager]
  • Withdrawal - request to be submitted following careful consultation with the Doctoral School Section and Supervisor [Now found as 'Change Requests' in PhD Manager]
  • Suspension of Regulations - to allow a short period of continued enrolment beyond the 48 month deadline (84 months for part-time).
  • Mitigating Circumstances PGR - Applications for Mitigating Circumstances must be made via the respective page above along with supporting evidence. You are advised to apply for this in advance of your assessment deadlines.