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Doctoral School Grants

As part of Early Career Researcher development, SOAS offers funding to PhD students for language training, conference attendance, student-led initiatives and fieldwork. 

All deadlines can be found on PhD Manager. Click on the 'Grant Application' section on the left, then 'Create new applicatopn' and finally select the type of fund you want to apply for. Please submit your application forms on PhD Manager only.

Please see the tabs below for eligibility criteria. 

  • Language Acquisition Fund
  • Student-led Initiatives Grant
  • Fieldwork Awards

Conference Funding

As part of Early Career Researcher development, students can normally apply for up to £500 funding for the opportunity to present a paper at a conference every year. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Students must be fully enrolled to be eligible 
  • Students can submit applications in any year and in both calls (Term 1 and 3) during their studies, as long as they are presenting their research at the respective conference/s and the application relates to a conference taking place in the same financial year (Aug - July).
  • Priority will be given in every call to those presenting their research who have not received the said funding previously, then if there is money left, we will consider further funding applications from other students (as long as they are presenting).
  • The amount of conference funding available for individual students each call will be £250. They can apply every call if they want (as long as they are presenting), however applications will always be prioritised for those students who have not received funding before.
  • Students can apply to recover the costs of as many conferences as required as long as it does not exceed the £250 limit per call. The number of applications and the number of conferences do not need to match -- i.e. one application can contain multiple conferences or a partial of a conference. In the latter, the student can submit another application in response to the second call for the remainder of the expenses as long as all is within the same financial year (Aug - July) and does not exceed the limit.
  • All applications will be considered by a panel and decisions will be communicated shortly after this.

Application Details and Deadlines are available on PhD Manager.

Application is via PhD Manager.

We aim to release the decisions within as soon as possible. 


Successful applicants will be informed of decisions within a month of the funding deadline and will be required to complete the forms below:

Conference Funding Report Form (msword; 51kb)  

Non-Staff Expenses Form (; 310kb)  

Language Acquisition Fund

The Doctoral School provides fundinging of up to £750 for PhD students in any year of study to learn a language for their research. Students may apply more than once during their PhD programme.

Course costs

Applicants should note that they will need to pay for the course in advance and apply for reimbursement. The student and the course of study should meet the following criteria in order to be assured of funding:

Students must:
1. Have language training specified in their programme of study offer letter or identified in the respective years Training Needs Analysis
2. Have a live enrolment for the academic year the funding is applied for

The course must meet one of the below criteria:

  • Offered by SOAS Language Centre
  • Offered by another University Language Centre in the UK or overseas
  • Offered by recognised course provider in UK or overseas (e.g. Goethe Institut)
  • Offered Private language tuition / Bespoke language tuition*

*If a course is not available within SOAS or via another course provider, then the fund can be used for private language tuition. Students seeking private tuition should contact SOAS Language Centre for information on bespoke language training as they have the expertise and knowledge of London-based tutors.

Application is via PhDManager via the Grant Application tab on your Project Page, which will also include deadlines.

Successful applicants will be informed of decisions as soon as possible. Once you receive the outcome you will need to complete the non-staff expenses form below, return them to the Doctoral School (DS) inbox and attach the Language Acquisition Fund Report form in order to receive reimbursement.

If you have any problems obtaining the Language Acquisition Fund Report please contact the Language Centre who will be able to help you.

Language Acquisition Fund Report Form (msword; 49kb)  

Non-Staff Expenses Form (; 310kb)  

Student-led Initiatives Grant

As part of Early Career Researcher Development, the Doctoral School is able to offer a maximum of £500 per event for student-led research activity. This grant is in addition to the conference funding and students coming towards the end of their studies (Year 3 FT or 6 PT) may make an application to both funds in the same year if they wish to.

Applications are encouraged from SOAS PhD students in any year of study who wish to organise a SOAS-based interdisciplinary conference or workshop. They can, of course, make an application with researchers from another institution and we would expect that the other institution would also offer partial funding. The money can cover catering or travel expenses for speakers; the funding cannot be used for paying speakers or printing costs for publications. The Doctoral School will order internal catering on your behalf. Please note that all claims for travel expenses will need to be supported with valid receipts and no "per diem" can be awarded.

After the conference, you will be asked to write a short report summarising the achievements, research impact and possibilities for future collaboration or publication. You will also liaise with Doctoral School Staff about claiming expenses for the conference.

Application Details and Deadlines are sent by email. 

Application is via PhDManager

We aim to release the decisions as soon as possible. 


Successful applicants will be informed of decisions as soon as possible and will be required to complete the forms below:

Student-led Initiatives Conference Report Form (msword; 52kb)  

Non-Staff Expenses Form (; 310kb)  

Fieldwork Awards

The Doctoral School has responsiblity for Fieldwork Grant Funding from the Santander Mobility Allowance and University of London. A small amount of funding (between £500 - £1000 per applicant) is available, though this amount will vary by the allocation we receive each year.

Eligibility criteria

  • Students must be fully enrolled
  • Fieldwork application must be approved on PhD Manager

Application Details and Deadlines are sent by email 

Application is via PhDManager


Successful applicants will be informed of decisions as soon as possible and if succesful will be required to complete the forms below:

Fieldwork Certification Form (msword; 27kb)   

Payment Request Form (; 288kb)