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Majorities and Minorities: Literature and Identities, Text and Context

This conference will focus on the many different kinds of minority voices emanating from South Asia in the decades since independence. Any South Asian language and any form of minority identity is welcome.  By bringing scholars researching different voices from different languages in South Asia we aim to foster a dialogue that will help develop a South Asian paradigm of Minor Literature and help to identify the role of the state and different parallels across the subcontinent.

18th April 2017

The Translator Made Corporeal

This conference will explore current progress in studying the human, flesh-and-blood translator in an historical and cultural context.

18th April 2017

Life Beyond the PhD

Our annual ‘Life Beyond the PhD’ conference is a unique celebration of the postgraduate research culture in the UK. Now in its 10th year, the conference invites PhD students and early career researchers to share their experiences, take part in training, and explore the value of doctoral research in an inclusive and supportive environment. 

12th April 2017

5th LCSS PhD Methodology Conference

An opportunity for PhD and early-career researchers from diverse social science and humanities disciplines to meet and share their research experiences.

30th March 2017

Decolonising the Cultural Institution?

Decolonising the Cultural Institution? invites graduate and post-graduate students to interrogate what processes of ‘decolonisation’ might mean in the contexts of the production, dissemination and consumption of cultural practices, as well as for processes of knowledge production and the assignment of value onto ‘art’

30th March 2017

A Global Dialogue on the Everyday Production of the Postcolonial World and its Others

This “encounter” aims at starting a critical dialogue between the Global South and all other cultures outside the West beyond traditional dichotomies. We seek to have a conversation on postcolonial practices and decolonizing strategies anchored in everyday experiences. We are fundamentally interested in travelling ideas and experiences and how these traverse borders regardless of rigid conceptual definitions.

9th March 2017

ReSkIn Spring Programme

ReSkIN is a seminar and support scheme for PhD students working in the field of Art History and Visual Culture.

24th February 2017

Literatures and Images: A Window to the Study of Creativity

The idea of the image (or images) in literature has been subject to nuanced and multifarious observations since the time of Aristotle. However, in the present age, the predominance of visual art due to the proliferation of television, film and advertising has arguably led to different innovative use of images in literature. We propose a reflection on the image with an emphasis on its creative role in literature.

22nd February 2017

BFWG Research Presentations Day 2017

BFWG holds a Research Presentations Day each year at which women postgraduate students are invited to give short presentations of their research work to a general audience.  A prize of £100 is offered for the presentation judged ‘best’ in terms of quality of presentation and ability to communicate the subject to an educated but general audience.

13th February 2017

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that recruits, trains and pays doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to deliver programmes of university-style teaching to small tutorial groups of high-performing pupils in schools that serve disadvantaged communities.

10th October 2016

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