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Projects that Matter

Projects That Matter

Whatever your passion or interest, our crowdfunding pages host key projects and issues that need support. Any gift, large or small, is most welcome to help SOAS students and academics to realise its potential. 

SOAS Languages Project

Languages are at the heart of SOAS and, with your help, they will continue to thrive.

This project aims to make languages accessible for everyone across the globe, a vital goal as the languages we teach at SOAS are strategically important and vulnerable.

By donating, you are allowing a future generation of linguists to study languages through scholarships. You are also supporting our language digitisation project, which sustains our collections, protects specialist languages and makes them available to the world.

Donate to the SOAS Languages Project

Hardship Fund

Student employment, travel and studies have been disrupted by the global pandemic.

Our students need your help to get through these uncertain times and a donation to the hardship fund offers a financial safety net for SOAS students, including those affected by COVID-19.

Donate to the Hardship Fund

Brunei Gallery SOAS Collections Care

Would you like to help us with the care and development of our Artwork & Object Collections in the Brunei Gallery, SOAS? Donations allow us to continue to safeguard and showcase the collections in our care and share our knowledge. Your donations will support the preservation and display of the collections in our keeping.

Every donation makes a real difference. If you're able, please support our Collections today. Thank you.

Donate to the Brunei Gallery SOAS Collections Care

Tamil Studies at SOAS

As one of the South Asian languages originally taught at SOAS University of London when it was founded in 1916, the School has a long and renowned position within the field of Tamil Studies.

Many leading figures in the field have been based at SOAS, both academics and students; whilst the famous statue of the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar at the entrance is a globally familiar symbol of the School.

Working in partnership with the SOAS South Asia Institute, TamilStudiesUK is a community-driven initiative to bring Tamil Studies back to SOAS. Aiming to raise funds for a Tamil Department based within Languages Cultures and Linguistics, TamilStudiesUK are hosting a range of events, talks and debates featuring academics, writers, artists and musicians.

If you are a former student of Tamil at SOAS or have an interest in Tamil Studies, why not donate or get in touch? For more information, please visit TamilStudiesUK or follow TamilStudiesUK on social media.

Donate to Tamil Studies at SOAS