SOAS University of London

Department of Economics

Undergraduate Destinations and Employability

SOAS Economics graduates leave the institution with a range of essential skills necessary to enter the global labour market or to continue a career in research. We constantly review our programmes to ensure that your learning journey is relevant to the skills employers are looking for today. This means opportunities for group work within your degree, the chance to develop your presentation and writing skills - not just in the form of academic essays, but through blog entries and policy reports. We are delighted that employers repeatedly commend us for providing our students with critical thinking and advanced analytical skills that they look for in successful applicants.

Our Network:

We work closely with the SOAS Careers service to offer you events and networking opportunities throughout your studies. From mentoring opportunities (both as a mentee and later as a mentor) to targeted events with our alumni network, we will help you to find a career-path that suits your interests, personal attributes and academic strengths. Once you join SOAS Economics you join a tight-knit group of budding economists. As we say: “You can leave SOAS Economics, but SOAS Economics never leaves you.” 

To give you an idea of where our graduates end up, here are some recent examples of what our students from our undergraduate degrees get up to when they leave us: 

  • Haider Al-Saraf: BSc Economics, 2014-2017 - Analytics Consultant at Deloitte, UK.
  • Bijan Hakimian: BA Economics and Politics, 2011-2014 - Head of Trade Policy for South Asia, Department for International Trade, UK.
  • Nadeen Hassan: BSc Economics, 2013-2016 - Economic Consultant, VJW International Development Consultancy, UK and Egypt. 
  • Sead-Aldin Kacarevic: BSc Economics, 2016-2019 - Research And Teaching Assistant at Oxford Department of International Development, UK
  • Louise Mark Vestergaard: BSc Economics, 2016-2019 - Investment Analyst, Cambridge Associates, UK.