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Research Students in the Economics Department

Julian Boys
Staff Silhouette

Smart Industrial Policy under International Trade Rules: Using Available Policy Space to Promote Structural Transformation in Developing Countries (Working Title)

Jiayi Han
Jiayi Han

The Division of Labor and Integration: A Study of Industrialization in the Pearl River Delta Region of China

Bruno Hofig
Bruno Hofig

A Political Economy of Risk - Derivatives, Credit Rating and Labour's Bargaining Power in Contemporary Capitalism: the Case of the United States (working title)

Gilad Isaacs
Staff Silhouette

The Internationalisation and Financialisation of Non-Financial Corporations in Democratic South Africa (working title)

Gabriel Pollen
Gabriel Pollen

Total Factor Productivity Growth Applications in a Developing Country: Does the case of Zambia validate or repudiate its realism? (Working Title)

Christina Wolf
Christina Wolf

“China’s Impact on Latecomer Industrialisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: On the Interaction between Changing Patterns of Global Demand and Investment Flows and their Mediation through (Industrial) Policy” (working title)

Recently-awarded PhDs


Christina Wolf Industrialisation in times of China: A demand-side perspective on China's influence on industrialisation processes in sub-Saharan African countries at the example of Angola between 2000 and 2014
Gilad Isaacs Financialisation in post-apartheid South Africa
Carolina Alves Stabilisation or Financialisation? Examining the Dynamics of the Brazilian Public Debt
Tobias B. Franz From Industrial Capital to Modern `Urban Miracle'? The Political Economy of Governance, Growth and Development in Medellin, Colombia
Qingchao Wang Testing a New Approach to Construct International Financial Market Indices: An Application to Asian-Pacific Economies
Nimrod Zalk The Things We Lost in the Fire: The Political Economy of the Post-Apartheid Restructuring of the South African Steel and Engineering Sectors
Nana Asante-Poku The Local Context in Global Value Chains: A Case Study of the Ghanaian Pineapple Export Sector
Mohammed Ali Syed Explaining fertility outcomes within the urban poor: A case study of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Rami Galal Inequality of Opportunity in Earnings in Egypt
Mei Wu Industrialisation and Regional Development in Guangdong Province, China: A Comparative Study of Two Models in the Post-1978 Period
Abdulla S.A.E. Abdulaal Fiscal policy dynamics in a rentier state: the case of Bahrain (1990 - 2012)
Pitak Thanbancha The Political Economy of Thailand's 'Thirty Baht' Universal Healthcare System: 2001-2007
Bruno Bonizzi Institutional Investors and Capital Flows to Emerging Markets
Omid Mazdak The Financialisation and Fundamentals of Food Commodities:  The case of Corn, Soybeans and Wheat
Pinar Cakiroglu Industrialisiation in Provincial Macedonia in the Late Ottoman Era:  Economic Social and Communal Factors
Judith Tyson The Expansion of Financial Access and Financial Development in Kenya
Serap Saritas Oran Financialisation and Turkish Pension Reform
Sobhi Samour The Palestinian Economy Between Settler Colonial Invasion and Neoliberal Management
Ewa Karwowski Financial Operations of Non-Financial Firms: The Case of South Africa
Cui Li The hybrid regional development models in Chinese transformation after 1978: a historical and comparative institutional approach
Gong Hoe Gimm An Extension of Nineteenth Century Political Economy through Consideration of Capitalism as a World Economy: The Case of Karl Marx
Sandhya Balasubrahmanyam Ringing in the Rents: Policy Drivers in Indian Telecom
Serdar Sengul Political Economy of Financialisation in Developing Countries: A Study of Industrial Restructuring in Turkey
Ilara R. E. Mahdi Access to Credit, Indebtedness and Debt Refinancing Amongst Microenterprises in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Heesang Jeon Knowledge and Contemporary Capitalism in Light of Marx's Value Theory
James George Edward Meadway Stocks, flows and uncertainty:  Critical problems in the stock-flow consistent approach to monetary economies.
Jun Du Agricultural Transition in China:  Domestic and International Perspectives on Technology and Institutional Change
Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir Land Transactions and the Agrarian Transition in Bangledesh
Charles I-Hsin Chen The Dynamics of Privatisation in China (1994-2008):  An Empirical and Econometric Analysis
Karin Seyfert Developmental NGOs in Lebanon
Majid Kazemi Najaf Abadi Oil and economic development in Iran
Yingquan Jiang Banking Reform and Economic Development in Post-1978 China:  Towards a Synthesis of Competing Theoretical Perspectives
Usman Qadir The Political Economy of Technology Acquisition in Pakistan: Policy and Constraints in the Automobile Industry
Sophie Van Huellen Excess Volatility or Volatile Fundamentals? - The impact of financial speculation on commodity markets and implications for cocoa famers in Ghana
Hanna L. Takala-Greenish The Emperor's New Clothes - A political economy study of the South African textiles and clothing industry
Mimoza Shabani The Incidence of Bank Default and Capital Adequacy Regulation In U.S.A. and Japan
Jodie-Anne Keane The New Trade/New Growth Nexus for Late Industrialisers - Exploring Learning-by-Doing Processes for Garment (Cambodia, Bangladesh) and Cut Flower (Kenya, Ethiopia) Exporters: Integrating Global Value Chain and Firm-Level Analyses
Cleo Rose-Innes Transport Infrastructure, Economic Development and Institutions: lessons from the Maputo Development Corridor and the North South Corridor
Tony Norfield British Imperialism and Finance - A contribution to the theory of contemporary imperialism
Nuno Jorge Rodrigues Sampaio Financialisation in South Africa:  Examining the Financial Conduct of Non-Financial Enterprises, Banks and Households
Mary Robertson The Financialisation of British Housing  - A Systems of Provision Approach
Cheng Jin An analysis of the relationship between small and medium-size enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China: with particular reference to township and village enterprises
Sara Stevano Women's Work, Food and Household Dynamics - A Case Study of Northern Mozambique
Rashed A. M. Titumir Accumulation, Land Transactions and the Agrarian Transition in Bangladesh
Pitak Thanbancha The Political Economy of Thailand's 'Thirty Baht' Universal Healthcare System: 2001-2007
Pallavi Roy The political economy of growth under clientelism: An analysis of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Pakistan.
Kevin Deane A socio-economic analysis of HIV: Exploring the relationship between population mobility and HIV risk in Tanzania
Mausumi Mahapatro An analysis of land, migration and rural differentiation: A case study in Bangladesh
Duncan Albert Lindon Political economy of financial derivatives: A theoretical analysis of the evolution of banking and its role in derivatives markets
Jago Penrose Financial development and the financing, funding and liquidity management of firms: A post-Keynesian approach with reference to Vietnam
Jason Abraham Moyer-Lee Agricultural global value chains: The case of tobacco in Malawi
Marco Boffo Interrogating the knowledge-based economy: From knowledge as a public good to Italian post-workerism
Eithne Murphy The evolution of trade theory: An exercise in the construction of surrogate or substitute worlds?
Jeff Powell Subordinate financialisation: A study of Mexico and its non-financial corporations
Ngo Thai Hong Ngo Technology adoption in rent seeking economies: The case of Vietnam
Bahram Pourghadiri Inequality and the Rentier State: vertical and horizontal inequality patterns in Iran.
Jo Michell Credit and investment in China: A flow-of-funds analysis
Alexis Stenfors Determining the LIBOR: A study of power and deception
Neha Batura The Cause and Long-term Impact of Poor Nutrition: Evidence from Rural Tanzania
Elif Karacimen Political economy of consumer debt in developing countries: Evidence form Turkey
Takchiro Fukunishi Performance and dynamics of African firms: A comparative analysis of garment firms in Kenya and Bangladesh
Hazel Gray Tanzania and Vietnam: A comparative political economy of economic transition
Alexandre Abreu Migration and development in contemporary guinea-bissau: A political economy approach
Grace Kite Linked In: The Software and IT Services Sector in India's Economic Development, 1980 to 2011
Linda Matar The political economy of investment: A historical examination of domestic investment behaviour in Syria
Thuttai Keeratipongpaiboon Population ageing: Changes in household composition and economic behaviour in Thailand
Suphannada Limpanonda Provincial disparities in Thaliland - Convergence, agglomeration, economies and effects on poverty, 1988-2008