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SOAS Economics Summer Lecture Series

Join us in the next few weeks for a series of exciting lectures in which colleagues from our department and their collaborators critically engage with contemporary and real world economics issues. The lectures are open for everyone and will be held on Zoom as well as live streamed on the Department's Facebook page.

12 May 2021 - Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and Current US Monetary Policy - Costas Lapavitsas (SOAS) and Nicolás Águila (Centro Interdisciplinario para el Estudio de Políticas Públicas, CIEPP)

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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and Current US Monetary Policy

2 June 2021 - Why Ghana Doesn't Have the Full Value of its Cocoa Beans - And How This Could Change - Sophie van Huellen (SOAS) and Fuad Mohammed Abubakar (Cocoa Marketing Company GH Ltd)

16 June 2021 - Feasible Anti-Corruption and the Work of SOAS-ACE - Mushtaq Khan (SOAS)