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ELAR collaborates with other language and culture archives across the world and has been involved in archival research projects.


ELAR is a founding member of the Digital Endangered Languages and Musics Archives Network, which was established in 2003 as an international umbrella body for archives and other initiatives with the goal of documenting and archiving endangered languages and cultures worldwide. DELAMAN's aim is to stimulate interaction about practical matters that result from the experiences of fieldworkers and archivists, and to act as an information clearinghouse. DELAMAN is intended as an open organisation where any initiative actively contributing to documentation and archiving of endangered languages and musics can participate.

William Dawes' notebooks

The notebooks of Lieutenant William Dawes at the SOAS Library Special Collections are a unique source of information about the Aboriginal language of Sydney, also known as Eora or Dharug. They contain information of significance to Aboriginal communities of New South Wales, to linguists, historians, residents of Sydney, and many others.

In 2009, ELAR partnered with SOAS Library Special Collections to digitise and create online and print resources from the Dawes' manuscripts. The result of this collaboration was the notebooks of William Dawes on the Aboriginal language of Sydney online resource, which includes easy access to the notebooks through the publication of high quality images and a new electronic text version. Funding and resources for the project were provided by the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, SOAS, Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation and the Aboriginal Affairs NSW.

There is a book version of the website on William Dawes' Notebooks:

David Nathan, Susannah Rayner and Stuart Brown (editors). 2009. William Dawes' Notebooks on the Aboriginal Language of Sydney. London & Sydney: SOAS & Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation.

Other Partners

From 2011-2014, ELAR worked with Pinedrop, whose proprietor Ed Garrett previously worked at ELAR as a Software Developer from 2008-2011. Pinedrop creates websites and collaborative research tools for scholarly communities and archives and we worked collaboratively to design, plan and implement the ELAR online catalogue that was used until September 2016.