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Endangered Languages Archive

Depositing with ELAR

Who can deposit?

Anybody can deposit with ELAR, however, priority is given to ELDP grantees and SOAS members. At the same time, ELAR is committed to assist in finding the right archive for your materials and/or discuss a possible collaboration for archiving with ELAR. Do get in touch with us to discuss the safekeeping of your materials.

Most of our depositors are linguists, academics, and students, and many hold ELDP grants. We also welcome deposits from language community members, researchers and fieldworkers from all disciplines, and retired people who may have materials collected in the past. We require that depositors have suitable rights in the materials they deposit, and that the materials qualify as ‘documentation of endangered languages’, which covers a wide range of media and text materials. ELAR is a digital archive, that is, an archive of computer files. If you have analogue materials, such as cassettes, fieldnotes, photographs, manuscripts, and you are prepared to digitise them, please contact us for advice about digitising techniques and settings. In limited cases, we may be able to provide digitisation services.

What can I deposit with ELAR?

ELAR accepts documentation of endangered languages in digital form.

Broadly, language documentation consists of a collection of resources including one or more of the following:

  • audio recordings
  • video recordings
  • notes
  • sociolinguistic/demographic/historical information
  • transcriptions, translations and/or annotations
  • photographs, diagrams, scanned images
  • descriptions and explanations of recorded events
  • lexical and/or other linguistic information (semantic, grammatical etc)
  • ethnographic and related information
  • metadata

with an emphasis on recordings of authentic language use and value added to them through associated contextual notes, transcriptions and translations.

Licensing Agreement

All depositors need to provide a completed Licensing Agreement with their materials. You only need to provide a single form to cover a deposit and all its parts and updates and/or additions.

There are two versions of the Licencing Agreement:

  1. Electronic Fill-In Form (msword; 96kb)  
  2. Printable Form (pdf; 173kb)  

Both forms have the same content. We recommend that you fill in (1), which you can email to us and also print for your records.

Read Our Policies and Terms and Conditions for more information.