SOAS University of London

Endangered Languages Archive

Instructions for Depositors

Please start here for information on file naming systems and file formats required by ELAR. These helpsheets provide an overview of ELAR's workflow and standards.

Depositing Instructions (octet-stream; 444kb)

Checklist for Depositors (pdf; 296kb)  

Deposit Pages

This helpsheet shows you how to edit the contents of your deposit page, as well as how to add a deposit photo, depositor photo, showreel and/or podcast to the page.

Self Upload for Depositors

This helpsheet shows you how to self-upload your data to the ELAR archive using LAMUS (Language Archive Management and Upload System), a web-based application for uploading and managing archive materials. 

If you are experiencing problems with Java when accessing LAMUS, please refer to the following helspheet.

Data Processing

These helpsheets cover the common step-by-step processes needed to process data for the archive. We will be updating this page as necessary.

Metadata Creation

These helpsheets are for the CMDI Maker to Arbil workflow for ELAR deposits.

Deposit Access Setting

This helpsheet explains how to set access to your deposit, after your data has been loaded onto LAMUS. 

Sending Your Data to ELAR

This helpsheet explains how to send your data to ELAR, either electronically or via post. Please read the Instructions to Depositors helpsheet (on this page) carefully before sending data to ELAR. 


Please create annotiations in ELAN or Praat. This section provides information on using the ELAN tool to create annotations on audio and video materials. You can also find information on the ELAN-FLEx-ELAN workflow in this section.