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Endangered Languages Archive


ELAR has reorganised metadata management and has changed from spreadsheets to metadata management in dedicated metadata editors such as the CMDI Maker and Arbil. Both the CMDI Maker and Arbil run on all operating systems.

Metadata should be prepared in Arbil or the CMDI Maker using the IMDI metadata standard. We are currently developing teaching material for the CMDI Maker. This material will soon be downloadable from this webpage.

CMDI maker

CMDI maker is a user-friendly tool which allows you to compile metadata in a systematic and straightforward way. The current version of the CMDI Maker and a video tutorial are available here:


Arbil is a corpus management tool which is more complex and allows you to hierarchically organise your materials according to your needs. The software is available for download from the MPI LAT website.

Please contact us at for advice about additional metadata that is specific to your deposit, or for any metadata questions.