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ELAR's Terms and Conditions

ELAR User Account Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Statement

ELAR Terms and Conditions, from 13 December 2008. Last modified: 29 July 2019.


ELAR provides access to materials which remain the property of their depositors and information providers. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Data Protection statement below, you undertake to use any materials for private study purposes only, and you undertake not to make any further copies, nor to distribute, publish, broadcast or disseminate, any part of any material however modified without explicit written permission. ELAR will hold data about you and may provide it to the owners of materials and others in accordance with UK and EU laws and only for the purposes of management and protection of materials.

Terms and Conditions and Data Protection statement
  1. I declare that I am the person named as the User, and that I am legally capable of entering into this agreement with ELAR.
  2. “Materials” refers to all or any part of data received, or played on any equipment, or any further material derived from or originating in the data received.
  3. I will use the materials only for non-commercial private research or educational activity. Any other usage needs explicit written agreement from the depositor and any other rights holders.
  4. I will not transfer the materials to any other person or equipment, or do anything to allow such transfer to take place, unless permitted by an explicit written agreement from the depositor and any other rights holders.
  5. The materials may include documents that state further conditions of use or instructions for acknowledgement. I will make reasonable efforts to identify such documents and I will observe any stated restrictions or instructions.
  6. If the materials are used in any way in the preparation of any publication, broadcast or dissemination, I will acknowledge ELAR and, if required, the depositor and any other rights holders in the materials. I will, wherever possible, send a copy of such publication to ELAR.
  7. I will not knowingly use materials for any purpose which causes disparagement, disrespect, damage to reputation, or harm to any individual or group.
  8. I understand that the materials are supplied “as is”, and are not guaranteed to fulfil any purpose or function, or to be compatible with any particular computing system or software. I release and indemnify ELAR from any damages or consequences resulting from my receipt or use of the materials. I understand that ELAR may take legal action on behalf of owners of materials in the case of serious infringement of this agreement.
  9. ELAR collects personal data to create User Accounts, to facilitate users' access to ELAR's resources, and to manage, protect, and report usage of materials. ELAR will only collect such personal data as necessary to fulfil these purposes, which are in the legitimate interests of the ELAR and users and do not override users’ data protection rights and freedoms. ELAR will store data about users and their access to materials for as long as its discovery layer is operative for reporting purposes. In case of migration, the personal details collected by the legacy system will not be stored in a way that identifies the users. All personal data will be stored securely in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and the European Union. I understand that the data may identify me and may be shared with the owners of the materials and others only for the purposes of managing the materials. ELAR may contact me in the future about my Account using the contact details I have provided.
  10. I have read this agreement and agree to be bound by it.

If you wish to access the information ELAR holds about you, or you require further information on how ELAR processes your data, ELAR processes your data, visit our Data Protection at SOAS pages, or contact contact the Information Compliance Manager, SOAS Library, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, UK (email: