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Fees 2017/18

UK/EU fees:
Overseas fees:

Fees for 2017/18 entrants. The fees are per academic year. Please note that fees go up each year. Further details can be found in the Fees and Funding tab on this page or in the Registry Undergraduate Tuition Fees page

2017 Entry requirements

  • Subjects Preferred: English Language or English Literature A level or IB equivalent is required
A Levels:
35 (665 at HL)

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Access to HE: Minimum of 30 Level 3 Credits at Distinction

Scottish Highers: AAABB

Scottish Advanced Highers: AAB

Irish LC: 340 points from 5 Higher level subjects at grade C1 or above

Advanced Placement: 4 4 5 (Two semesters - UCAS Group A) plus US HSGD with GPA 3.0

Euro Bacc: 80%

French Bacc: 14/20

German Abitur: 2.0

Italy DES: 80/100

Austria Mat: 2.0

Polish Mat: Overall 75% including 3 extended level subjects

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Programme Code: Q300 BA/ENG

Start of programme: September 2014

Mode of Attendance: Full-time

  • Why study English at SOAS?

    Studying English at SOAS offers an exciting approach that brings new voices and a global discipline to our specialist institution.  Building on existing strengths and expertise in literatures, languages and linguistics from around the world, English at SOAS also looks to its own location and literary heritage in the heart of Bloomsbury.  From our position in the ‘North’ and particularly London, we are interested in the ways in which English - in all its variations as a field of literary study - has long been in dialogue with its neighbours in the northern hemisphere and across the Global South.  Our vision is an interrogative one - cutting edge, deeply committed to interdisciplinary research and teaching across the humanities, and engaged with metropolitan, cosmopolitan and island histories. English at SOAS is truly international and the first degree of its kind in the UK. 

  • Our teaching
    You will

    - study literatures in English from around the globe

    - learn how Shakespeare's plays have influenced the world

    - analyse how English has been shaped and adapted by different cultures

    You will also gain all the benefits you would expect from a high-quality English degree taught with a global dimension in a university at the forefront of international and multicultural studies.

    The School is also pleased to introduce its new BA Global Liberal Arts.

    The programme allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of disciplines ranging from politics, development and history to languages, literature and film. You’ll study a wide range of courses from the humanities, social sciences, and area studies, ensuring you are equipped with a broad range of skills for the future, whether that be in further study, or as part of the career path you choose to take. 

Student Profile

Kalle Oskari Mattila
SOAS is a place you come to grow: as a person, writer and thinker. The Fictions of History class was a particularly transformative experience for me. As a bilingual, bicultural and interdisciplinary student it allowed me to explore not only the world but also myself. Henk van Woerden, Caryl Phillips, Alexandra Fuller... these are all authors I have come to love and would not have discovered without SOAS. And the best bit? I have not stopped exploring since.

Kalle Oskari Mattila, BSc International Management (China), Class of 2013
Graduate destinations:
Community Manager, Penguin Books UK
Nonfiction Creative Writing MFA, Columbia University in the City of New York

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Key Information Set Data


The programme consists of compulsory modules on key thematic concerns but with the flexibility to choose courses on either language, linguistics, literature or a combination of them. Students will also be able to combine English with an Asian or African language and/or region and take courses on cinema, development, migration, diaspora, etc.

Year 1

Compulsory Units

Students must take all compulsory courses in order to proceed to the next year

Optional Unit

Select either a language unit OR a unit from List A OR an open option at an introductory level to the value of one unit

Year 2
Core Course
Second and third units

Any courses to the value of 2 units from:

Fourth unit

Courses to the value of 1 unit from:

Year 3
Compulsory Unit
  • BA Dissertation in English - 152900105 (1.0 Unit)
Optional Units

Select two units from the following AND/OR from List B:

Optional Unit

Select another unit, at the appropriate level, from the list above OR a unit from List B, List C or List D OR a language option OR an open option

List of Optional Courses

N.B. Not all optional courses will be available every year

List A - Introductory Courses
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Culture in Africa 155900838 1 Unit Full Year
Language in Africa 155900867 1 Unit Full Year
Chinese 103: History and Culture of China 155901001 1 Unit Full Year
Aspects of Japanese Culture 1 155901199 0.5 Unit Term 1
Aspects of Japanese Culture 2 155901200 0.5 Unit Term 2
Culture and Society in Modern and Contemporary Korea 155900809 1 Unit Full Year
Introduction to Arabic Culture 155901205 1 Unit Full Year
Introduction to Israeli Culture 155900947 1 Unit Full Year
Introduction to South East Asia 155901320 0.5 Unit Term 1
South Asian Culture 155900812 1 Unit Full Year
List B - Regional Literature Courses
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Southern Spaces 152900102 0.5 Unit Term 2
Literatures of the Near and Middle East 155900991 1 Unit Full Year
Contemporary African literature 155900839 1 Unit Full Year
South Asian Literature in English 155900927 1 Unit Full Year
English Literatures of South East Asia 155901410 0.5 Unit Term 1
War, Revolution and Independence in South East Asian Literatures in Translation 155901316 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Nation and Nationalism in Middle Eastern fiction (in Translation) 155901380 1 Unit Full Year
The City and the Countryside in South East Asian Literatures 155901326 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
Persian Poetry in Translation 155901277 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
Survey of Pre-Modern Japanese Literature in Translation 155901213 0.5 Unit Term 1
Survey of Modern Japanese Literature in Translation 155901214 0.5 Unit Term 2
Literary Traditions and Culture of Korea 155901389 0.5 Unit Term 1
Trajectories of Modernity in 20th Century Korean Literature 155901390 0.5 Unit Term 2
Under Western Eyes: European Writings on South East Asia 155907001 0.5 Unit Term 2
Imagining Pakistan: literature, nation, gender 155901391 1 Unit Full Year
List C - Linguistics Courses
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Introduction to Phonology 152900070 1 Unit Full Year
Meaning and Interpretation 152900100 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
General Linguistics 152900069 1 Unit Full Year
Language, Society and Communication 152900083 0.5 Unit Term 1
Morphology 152900036 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Psychology of Language 152900082 0.5 Unit Term 2
Phonetics 152900094 0.5 Unit Term 1
Topics in Lexical Semantics 152900065 0.5 Unit Term 2
Historical Linguistics 152900037 0.5 Unit Term 1
Linguistic Typology 152900044 0.5 Unit Term 2
Extended Essay in Linguistics (A) 152900097 0.5 Unit Term 1
Extended Essay in Linguistics (B) 152900098 0.5 Unit Term 2
List D - Cinema, Media, Society and Migration Courses
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Japanese Cinema: A Critical Survey 155901181 1 Unit Full Year
South East Asia on Film 155901318 0.5 Unit Term 2
Thailand on Screen (post '97) 155901317 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Indonesia on Screen 155901354 0.5 Unit Term 1
Anthropology and Film 151802026 0.5 Unit Term 1
Cinema and Society in South Asia: History and Social Context 155906000 0.5 Unit Term 1
Cinema and Society in South Asia: Key Issues 155906001 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Black British Urban Studies: Culture and Representation 151230001 0.5 Unit Term 1
Britain and slavery 151230005 0.5 Unit Term 1
African and Asian Cultures in the Diaspora 151802052 0.5 Unit Term 1
The Anthropology of African and Asian Communities in British Society 151802035 0.5 Unit Term 2
The Muslim World: Unity in Diversity 155901258 1 Unit Full Year
Perspectives on African experience 155900933 1 Unit Full Year
Pop and Politics in East Asia 155800077 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
New Media and Society 151802070 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Perspectives on African experience 155900933 1 Unit Full Year
Filmmaking and Curatorial Practices in the Age of Festivalization 155902002 0.5 Unit Term 2
African Philosophy 155901397 0.5 Unit Term 1
Situating China I: China and Other World Views Before 'Westernization' 158000152 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
Situating China II: Missionaries and Misfits in the British Construction of China 158000153 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Issues in Post-war Japanese Society 1 155901329 0.5 Unit Term 1
Issues in Post-war Japanese Society 2 155901330 0.5 Unit Term 2
Society, Culture and Politics in Nepal 155901305 1 Unit Full Year
Modern Bengal: the Evolution of Bengali Culture & Society from 1690 to the Present 155901271 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
History and Culture of Korea to the late 19th Century 155901263 1 Unit Full Year
Sages Through the Ages: Confucius and Laozi 158000133 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017

Programme Specification


Teaching and Learning

Teaching & Learning

How can we understand and study English from a truly global perspective? The BA degree is designed to provide students with knowledge and key analytic, critical thinking and communication skills to prepare them to work in today's globalising world of English. 

You will study literature in English and in translation to reflect on the relationship between writing in English and in Asian and African languages and on global networks and flows. You will gain an understanding of cultural, social, linguistic and cognitive aspects of English language use in a global context, and of the dynamics of multilingualism and multimodal language use in intercultural communication. 

Fees and funding

Tuition Fees

Full details of undergraduate tuition fees can be found on the Registry's Undergraduate Tuition Fees page.

Fees for 2017/18 entrants. The fees below are per academic year. Please note that fees go up each year. 

BA, BSc, LLB £9,250 £16,575
BA/BSc Language Year Abroad £1,387.50 £8,288
Undergraduate Research Awards

Application Deadline: 2017-04-17 17:00

For further details and information on external scholarships visit the Scholarships section


A degree in English at SOAS provides you with excellent training for careers in media, journalism, publishing, creative writing, education, arts and cultural organisations, and the civil service.  Graduates will also find employment in international charity, NGOs and social enterprise areas.

A Student's Perspective

The Travelling Africa course took me on a journey across the African continent from Cape Town to Cairo, via Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan and everywhere in between.

Milo Gough


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