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Human rights and the law

Law and human rights

Our expertise in the laws of Asia, Africa and the Middle East is attentive to the ways in which law can be used to empower or marginalise, can improve or worsen the material conditions of life, and can have an uneven impact in accordance with the distribution of economic and political power.

Our research in Law is deeply entwined with a study of the society in which it operates and underpinned by theoretical inquiry. We are conscious of the relationship between law and colonialism and how that relationship has shaped the modern world.

Across SOAS, experts in the languages, religions and cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East are able to bring an in-depth understanding to a variety of legal cases.

We can provide expertise or testimony in areas including:

  • Islamic and other religious law and traditions
  • asylum and immigration
  • international human rights
  • interpretation and valorisation of official documentation
  • environmental law
  • comparative commercial law
  • international aid and development.