SOAS University of London

Equality and Diversity Office

Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Gender-based Violence

The guidance outlines initiatives intended to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring on campus by raising awareness amongst students and staff. It also sets out practical steps for the victims of gender based violence and those people supporting them.

Download SOAS Sexual and Gender Based Violence Policy (pdf; 237kb)  

The School's approach to raising awareness and reducing the likelihood of incidents will be as follows:

  • SOAS has facilitate consent workshops for students as part of their induction process and will provide tailored training materials for the Student Society officers. 
  • Additional training as part of its staff Diversity and Inclusion induction. Key staff, such as Personal Tutors/Academic Advisors, and Student Advice and Well-Being officers, will receive bespoke training on the best way to support students and staff who find themselves in this situation.  
  • Working closely with the Students’ Union in order to ensure all students understand what acceptable behaviour is at the school.  This will also help promote a better understanding of the causes and of initiatives that will successfully reduce incidents of gender based violence.  
  • Working with the Students’ Union, SOAS will monitor the levels of incidents of gender based violence through regular surveys of students. SOAS will also record reported incidents and regularly report on this as part of the annual equality and diversity report to the Board of Trustees. This data will be used to inform a review of the effectiveness of procedures and practices as set out in the guidance document.
  • SOAS will consider taking formal or informal action as deemed appropriate in the circumstances in each reported case.

The guidance also provides information on what to do if you have been subject to gender based violence, how to seek emergency assistance and deciding what to do next. It also outlines how to support victims of gender based violence, including advice on preservation of forensic evidence, support for international students who are more likely to be away from their support networks, and reporting to the police.