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Equality and Diversity Reports

SOAS has an annual reporting cycle for staff and student diversity data which includes annual reports to the Equality & Diversity Committee each Spring term. Those reports are then added to this page so that they are available to anyone who has an interest. The reports are currently in pdf format, but can be made available in other formats on request to

This page therefore provides the monitroing information required of SOAS under the Equality Act 2010. We willl be publishing a new Equality & Diversity Strategy in due course and our Equality Objective will be to address each of the objectives in our Strategy.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report - June 2018

Download File (pdf; 563kb)

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Annual Equality & Diversity Report, 2016

Download File (pdf; 1987kb)

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Equality and Diversity Annual SOAS Report 2015

Download File (pdf; 1595kb)

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Equality Pay Audit Full Staff Report 2014

Download File (pdf; 304kb)

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Equality and Diversity Annual Staff Report Executive Summary 2013-14

Download File (pdf; 315kb)

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Equlity and Diversity Annual Staff Full Report 2013-14

Download File (pdf; 1396kb)

EDC Reports (Feb 2013) Part1

Download File (x-download; 1606kb)

EDC Reports (Feb 2013) Part2

Download File (x-download; 1511kb)

EDC Reports (Feb 2013) Part3

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EDC Reports (Feb 2013) Part4

Download File (x-download; 876kb)

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Equality and Diversity Staff Report 2012/2013: Executive Summary

Download File (pdf; 151kb)

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Equality and Diversity Staff Full Report 2012/2013

Download File (pdf; 1042kb)

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SOAS Annual Student Diversity Report 2012-13: Executive Summary for Parts 1-3

Download File (pdf; 638kb)

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Report on SOAS Student Diversity 2012-13: Parts 1-3

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Equal Pay Executive Summary 2012

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EDC Reports (Oct 2012)

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EDC Appendices (Oct 2012)

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Equal Pay Audit 2012

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SU Report Provision of Faith Facilities

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National Student Surveys 2006 - 11 (Breakdown by age)

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