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Job Request System

Raising a service request

Please call our Helpdesk to report building faults or work requests for cleaning, security, maintenance and porterage. Available 24/7 365 days a year for operational support, building access control and to raise any maintenance issues.

You can email the Helpdesk via, or call the team on ext.: 4900, for external dial: 020 7898 4900

For IT related queries and requests, please contact the IT Service Desk via, or on ext.: 4950, for external dial: 020 7898 4950

To deal with your request efficiently please expect our team to follow up on these simple rules:

Telephone request

We will confirm your name and the contact details as well as establish the location of raised job
We will obtain full details of the service request, and any applicable circumstances ie whether a wider area within SOAS Campus is affected
We will confirm that you will receive a confirmation email of acceptance of work, along with a unique reference number to track the progress of the request

Email Request

We will ensure the details are entered into Maximo as specified
We will notify you if further information is required in order to raise the request
We will ensure an email address is present in order for the customer to receive updates on work orders

Either way you will receive the service request confirmation email stating all the details and your unique reference number to allow you to track any progress and/or updates on the request.