SOAS University of London

Green Estates


SOAS are committed to the continuous improvement of the School’s environmental sustainability. Our goal to reduce carbon emissions by 48% by 2020 was exceeded in 2015 with a reduction of 58%. This achievement was recognised by Environmental Management System (EMS) and the school was awarded the Ecocampus Platinum Status and received certification to ISO 14001 International Standard for EMS. By 2016 the recycling rates had increased to 65% and in 2017 we introduced battery recycling bins which form a vital part in general recycling at SOAS to this day. In addition, the School have arranged WEEE amnesty days where staff and students have been able to recycle old electronics. 

Some of the things we are working on include;

  1. Developing a structured programme of Education for Sustainable Development through the curriculum.
  2. Formalise certification to The Green Kitchen standards.
  3. Consolidating some deliveries and purchasing across the Bloomsbury colleges to help reduce supply chain carbon miles
  4. Carry out an assessment of our scope three emissions travel, procurement, waste and water, with a view to set targets and action to reduce the associated emissions. 
  5. Planning a major refurbishment of the district heating scheme to future proof it and drastically cut carbon emissions across the Bloomsbury Campus.
  6. Ensure all refurbishment projects full consider the environment and incorporate sustainable features.

More details can be found on the Greenthing website

SOAS are also members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance, a not for profit membership network for businesses and organisations in the Borough with Stephen currently the chair Camden Climate Change Alliance