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Carbon Management Plan

Carbon Management Plan Update 2017-2020

In 2009, we launched an Energy Management Group to produce a detailed carbon management plan (CMP). In the CMP we set a carbon reduction target of 48% by our 2005/06 baseline by April 2020. We're proud that we far exceeded this target, reducing our emissions by 58% by 2015!

We retain a strong commitment to mitigating our environmental impact and reducing emissions, therefore we are in the process of providing a Carbon Management Plan 2018 update which outlines our commitment to reduce emissions by a further 20% by 2022 (against a 2014-15 baseline).

Management Plan has full backing from SOAS management and is signed off by the executive board.

Once approved, the CMP update will be linked here, as well as the Greenthing Docs page -

Please contact Robert Courtney (Directorate Administrator) in Estates & Facilities Room F311 / 020 7898 4804 for further information.