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Green Energy

Introduction to your Energy Manager – Stephen McKinnell

Stephen joined SOAS in March 2010 as head of Energy Management which is a shared role with 4 other Bloomsbury Colleges. His role is primarily to look after the 20 year Bloomsbury Heat and Power contract which has reached the halfway point. The BHP scheme is operated by a 3rd party and uses combined heat and power (CHP) engines located in the SOAS boiler house to supply heat and electricity around the Bloomsbury precinct in a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way. His role is to further improve the performance of the existing scheme and help develop it further for the future.

The role also provides energy management and carbon reduction measures to the members of the consortium. A number of projects have been implemented at SOAS which will reduce the carbon footprint of the school and reduce operating costs. SOAS are also taking part in cohort 6 of the Carbon Trust’s Higher Education Carbon Management Programme which completed in March 2011 with a full Carbon Management Plan to help us meet our target reduction of 43% of CO2 emissions by 2020 based on our 2005 footprint.