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Green Estates

Environmental Management

Environmental Management is the process of controlling any potential negative impact on the external environment from the college’s activities. It also means increasing those initiatives which may have a positive effect.

The Bloomsbury Colleges, including SOAS, have committed to improving their environmental performance, and have implemented a formal Environmental Management System (EMS), to ISO14001 accreditation standard, to ensure we hold ourselves accountable.

This system looks at the way the college operates and assess the college’s environmental performance based on current practices. Environmental legislation and external targets are becoming increasingly stringent and it is essential that the college actively seeks to provide a more sustainable service.

The EMS improves this performance, developing initiatives to reduce energy use and waste, increase reuse and recycling, minimise the impact of travel and encourage sustainable procurement.

An EMS follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. The diagram shows the cycle that the EMS will follow:

Deming cycle

Please visit: for more information and updates regarding the EMS.