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Waste, Recycling and You

Across the Bloomsbury Colleges, there is an ongoing initiative to reduce total waste volumes and increase the percentage of recycled waste. The Environmental Policy endorsed by the Bloomsbury Colleges commits the parners to "Minimise the impact and use of natural resources by reusing materials, recycling and reducing waste to landfill."

SOAS operates a two waste stream system:

Stream one is for recyclables that do not have to be segregated. Examples include paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and glass jars and bottles. Recycable waste is sent to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where up to 95% of the material is recovered.

Steam two is for general waste items such as soiled food packaging and utensils, tissues, crisp packets, coffee cups etc. Non-Recycable (General) Waste goes to an Energy to Waste (EFW) facility which recovers energy from residual waste instead of sending it to landfill sites. A small amount is used to power the plant itself while the vast majority is exported to the National Grid. Residue from this process will go to make aggregate for road building.

Food Waste (From Catering)

Food Waste from SOAS catering is now segregated from all packaging and utensils at source and sent to be processed via anaerobic digestion of site.

Estates and Facilities would like you to help increase recycling at SOAS. We need you to show others how easy it can be, by helping to recycle more, waste less, and ensure that all waste is dosposed of correctly.

For more information on what you can / can't recycle, reuse options, and FAQs please visit -