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Examinations and Assessments

School Deadline for submission of coursework 2021/22

School deadline: 6 May 2022

No coursework submitted after the school deadline will be accepted and marked. If you are experiencing mitigating circumstances and difficulty meeting submission deadlines SOAS has a Mitigating Circumstances Policy in place to support students and enable you to apply for a refund of marks or uncapped resubmission. Further information and answers to your questions on this policy are available via MySOAS.

You will have received an email from if you have been re-entered for any assessments from previous academic years. This email will detail your submission deadline.

Please contact the relevant Department Office for any further information on submission procedures.

Examination Periods 2021/22

The main examination period will run in term 3 from 9 May 2022 to 1 June 2022, inclusive.

The exams will be held online this year as a short-term measure to limit disruption. The format of exams will be unseen papers on which students will normally be expected to spend either 2 hours or 3 hours (each exam paper will specify). Students will be allocated a 24-hour period to sit the exam, which will take into account any issues with work space, and we will ensure that there is sufficient study space on campus.

For any student that is entitled to Special Exam Arrangements (SEA), the normal adjustment for the exams will be an additional 12 hours. Any student with a SIP will therefore have a 36-hour window in which to complete the exam. The deadline for new Study Inclusion plan (SIP) requests is 18th March 2022. Any new SIPs requested after that date, we can not guarantee 36 hour online exam papers will apply. All students with SIP can view the contents of their SIP by logging into Online Services. All students with a SIP are automatically entered for the 36 hour online exams. If you have a disability and need to request a SIP please email

A small number of students on accredited programmes will be informed in due course about any special requirements for their exams. In the event that an accreditation requires in-person exams, we will notify students with time to plan.

The late summer examination period will run from 15 to 26 August 2022, inclusive. The timetable for the late summer period will be published in early August.

Publication of results

Confirmed results will be released via Online Student Services following review and ratification by the School Board of Exams and Assessment. The school boards meet twice a year, once in Summer and once in Winter in Term 1. Students will be notified via email when their results have been confirmed and released. 

Please note: Marks available to students on BLE are provisional results and subject to change until confirmation and release on Online Student Services. Students’ results will be withheld if they have a fee debt to the School. For enquires regarding fee debt contact: 

Undergraduate Students
  • Finalists: Overall award classifications are confirmed in the Summer when you complete your degree. 
  • Non-Finalists: Progression outcomes and notification of your results will occur in the summer following the meeting of the Boards. If you have submitted work during the late summer re-entry period you will be notified of your results in Mid September.
Postgraduate Students
  • Taught modules: Results for your taught modules will be released and confirmed in the Summer.
  • Finalists: Overall award classifications are confirmed in the Winter following submission of the Dissertation element.
  • Re-entry or Deferred Finalists: Classifications for re-entry and deferred candidates will be confirmed at the closest meeting of the School Boards to your last deadline. Where the final work is submitted during or before Term 3 classifications will be confirmed in the Summer. Where the final deadline is in September, results will be confirmed in Winter.