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School Statement on Plagiarism

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Students are reminded that all work submitted as part of the requirement for any assessment of the School of Oriental and African Studies must be expressed in their own words and incorporate their own ideas and judgements. Plagiarism - that is, the presentation of another person's thoughts or words as though they were the student’s own – must be avoided. Direct quotations from the published or unpublished work of others must always be clearly identified as such by being placed inside quotation marks, and a full reference to their source must be provided in proper form. A series of short quotations from several different sources, if not clearly identified as such, constitutes plagiarism just as much as does a single unacknowledged long quotation from a single source. Equally if students summarise another persons' ideas and judgements, they must refer to that person in their text as the source of the ideas and judgements, and include the work referred to in their bibliography. Failure to observe these rules may result in an allegation of cheating. Students should therefore consult their tutor or supervisor if they are in any doubt about what is permissible.

Where students draw on their own previous written work, whether submitted as coursework for their current degree, or for a previous degree or qualification, this must be clearly stated. Coursework essays submitted for one course may not be used for another course without acknowledgement and prior approval.

Plagiarism is an examination and/or assessment offence, and is dealt with under the School’s Regulations for proceedings in respect of assessment and examination offences.

In submitting any work, whether on paper or electronically, students declare that the work is all their own, that they have properly acknowledged and cited all materials used from the published or unpublished works of others, and that the work has not previously been submitted for any other course. They also agree, in submitting the work, that the School may take steps to authenticate the material submitted, including (but not limited to) submitting the work to a plagiarism checking service and copying the work to another member or members of staff.

Students must be familiar with the School's Academic Regulations on Plagiarism which can be found in the General Regulations for Students and the Regulations for Proceedings in Respect of Assessment and Examination Offences. These can be found on the SOAS Registry website under the section Degree Regulations and Applications.