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Transcripts and Certificates

The Examinations and Assessments Office in Registry deals with queries for transcripts, certification letters and certificates for taught on campus undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree students and undergraduate certificates and diplomas.

  • What information will be in a transcript?

    A transcript is an official document containing a full record of your studies at SOAS. It includes the percentage mark, weighting, grade and attempt number of each module. Where there has been more than one attempt at a module, all attempt information is detailed on the transcript, as it is a full record of your studies. Where a there was no submission for the first attempt at the, including where there is accepted mitigation, this will be detailed as an attempt on the transcript. Where there is accepted mitigation information will be detailed alongside the first attempt: such as 'Deferred' or 'No Result Good Cause'.

    2019/20 Academic Year
    During the academic year of 2019/20 SOAS introduced a no detriment policy to safe-guard students performance during Covid-19. Under the SOAS no detriment students, students were permitted to defer their submission to the late summer. This deferal allowed for another attempt at the module without penalty. The deferred submission is recorded on a record and transcript as an attempt, but with reason for the second attempt.
  • Who can get a transcript?

    The Registry can provide transcripts for most undergraduate and modularised taught postgraduate programmes.

    Students on Research degrees can obtain a transcript confirming their dates of study and award date only after their degree has been awarded. Research degree students at SOAS are not subject to formal examination or assessment during their degree programme and the School is unable to provide transcripts of academic performance for research candidates.

    Current Students
    A transcript lists all the modules for which a confirmed mark has been released and the grades achieved. Undergraduates can request transcripts for previous years of study. Postgraduates can order interim transcripts (i.e. showing their taught courses results only) from the day taught module confirmed results are released. It is not possible for us to include provisional results on a transcript of state a predicted final result for your degree on our documentation.
    Former Students
    For awards conferred from December 2015, an electronic copy of the transcript is available through PremierCert +, for degree students only. (Premiercert). This allows you to give access to third parties to verify your award online. Please contact if you need the password to your PremierCert account to be reset. For more information on requesting a transcript please see our detailed page.
  • I'm not an on campus UG or PG taught student, who do I contact?
  • What is included on my certificate and when will I receive it?

    A degree certificate is the official diploma for your award. Certificates are processed automatically following the confirmation of your award. Certificates and transcripts will usually be ordered 6-8 weeks following your confirmation via email. This is to allow for clerical checks and appeals to be processed prior to printing. Usually for awards confirmed in summer certificates will be processed in September and awards confrimed in winter will be ordered in late January.

    Certificates and Transcripts are printed and shipped by our partner PremierCert +. PermierCert also have a digital portal which allows you to give third parties access to verify your award online. You will receive your PremierCert account and login at the time the SOAS submits the order. It is not possible to order an individual certificate prior to the bulk order.

    If you need a transcript sooner SOAS can provide a PDF transcript. To request this email

    If you require a certification letter confirming your programme dates and award. If you completed your programme on or after 1999 please contact the Student Information Desk, there is no charge for this service. If you completed your programme of study before 1999 there is a £10 charge for a letter. Please order through the SOAS online store, following the 'Product Catalogue' under 'University Services'.

  • I didn't receive my hardcopy Certificate and/or transcript, what do I do?

    Your certificate will be sent to the home address held in SOAS records. You will be asked to check this address when you receive confirmation of your degree award via email.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your home address is correct by the deadline given in email confirming that your results have been published.

    If your contact details are correct and you have not received your certificate by the end of November (Summer awards) or the end of March (Winter awards) you should contact The Curriculum and Assessments team will determine if your certificate has been lost. No replacement will be sent prior to this. There will be no charge for replacing certificates which are deemed to have been lost in the post, provided you have notified exams within 4 months of despatch.

  • Damaged or incorrect certificates or transcript, what should I do?

    As many members of staff are currently working remotely it may not be necessary for you to return the hardcopy to SOAS. Please contact us by emailing , including a photopgrah of the damage or inaccurate information and the team can advise you further.

    If your degree certificate is damaged when first delivered to you or there is an error, such as the title of the award made to you or you name is incorrect, you may request a replacement by emailing giving your full name and SOAS student i.d. number. The damaged or incorrect certificate must be returned to:

    Registry, Room S324
    SOAS University of London
    Thornhaugh Street
    Russell Square
    London WC1X 0XG

    A new, replacement certificate will be ordered only on receipt of the damaged or incorrect certificate. There is no charge for the replacement certificate.