SOAS University of London


Appeals and Clerical Checks

  • If you are questioning deductions made to an essay mark or wish to have confirmation that your mitigating circumstances evidence was considered, please contact your Department Office, stating clearly which course and essay you are referring to.

  • If you want confirmation that a mark has been correctly entered and calculated, please contact your Department Office and ask for a clerical check. Please state clearly which course and element of assessment (i.e. essay, exam…) you are referring to. Please note that:
    - the coursework marks published during the year on BLE were provisional and still subject to scrutiny by the Visiting Examiner for the course and confirmation at the relevant Sub-board of Examiners.
    - the coursework marks available via Online Student Services include any deductions made for late submission e.g. you were awarded 66 but submitted 2 days late, so the mark shown will be 66 minus 4 (two marks deducted per day it was late) = 62.
  • If you wish to make a representation in respect of a mark or your award, please consult exam appeals, in the first instance.
    Please note that the School has procedures for double marking and scrutiny by external examiners.  Appeals against the academic judgment of examiners will therefore not be accepted, nor will requests that work should be re-marked by different examiners.