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Options for Students Ineligible for Award

If you have received an email from the Exams Office informing you that:

  • you are eligible for the award of a Pass Degree but may refuse it as you have rights of re-entry left: options 1, 2 and 3, below,  may be available to you.
  • you are ineligible for the award of an Honours Degree: you will be re-entered for option 2, unless we receive a Repeat of Study application form from you (Option 3)

Option 1 -  Accept the Award of a Pass Degree

You may choose to accept the award of a Pass Degree. If you wish to accept the award, please confirm this via email to no later than 11 July 2019. Should you accept the award, you will not be eligible to re-enter for examination for an Honours degree. Your certificate and academic transcript will be forwarded to you in due course. Please see Transcript and certificates for further information. 

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Option 2 - Re-enter to take failed assessments in 2019/20, without re-attending the course(s) concerned

You will be automatically re-entered to take failed assessments or examinations for any course you have failed overall, provided you have remaining rights of re-entry and are still within the time limit for completion of your degree. Exceptions will only be considered if there are accepted mitigating circumstances.
You will receive an email confirming any re-entry in the first term of 2019/20.

  • If you are unsure what re-entry options are open to you, please consult Re-entry Regulations.
  • If you have an approved deferral for some of your courses, you will be automatically re-entered for any deferred element of assessment, as per the email confirmation sent to your SOAS account. 

You will not be permitted to attend lectures or other classes during 2019/20.

The marks for your re-entered assessments will count towards your overall profile and your results will be considered for classification by the School Board at its meeting in June 2020.  

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Option 3 - Apply to re-attend failed courses during 2019/20

"Where a student has failed all or part of a year of study or wishes to undertake additional new modules to enable a programme transfer, they can apply to repeat the year on either a full-time or part-time basis depending on how many modules they have passed in the previous year or are required to become compliant with their new programme specification." Taught Degree Regulations (pdf; 412kb)  

You may not repeat any course you have already passed and you must follow any courses that are core and/ or compulsory for your programme of study.

To apply to repeat study, please:

  1. Log into SID using your SOAS ID & password (SID can be found via the main SOAS website or MySOAS)
  2. Select 'Request a Services
  3. Select Enrolment: Programme Changes
  4. Select Degree Transfer

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