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Feminist Political Economy and Development

Feminist Political Economy and Development Research Cluster

The Feminist Political Economy and Development (FPED) research cluster brings together social science researchers and economists working on gender and feminist approaches to socio-economic transformations within the SOAS community. Academic members of this cluster aim at engaging in theoretical, political, methodological, and policy debates centred on gendered and/or feminist approaches to political economy and development processes. The cluster places particular emphasis on gendered critiques to mainstream economics, and feminist analyses of current economic transformations taking place in both developed and developing regions. The cluster also engages with up-to-date debates within feminist economics policy circles.

The cluster offers the opportunity to discuss on-going research and policy debates among colleagues in an informal setting via regular brown-bag seminars. At these meetings, we discuss relevant work on gender and feminism, we invite members to share completed and on-going research, and discuss opportunities for potential collaboration in research bids. The cluster occasionally also organises more formal events, inviting outside speakers, usually in partnership with other research clusters in the faculty and in close collaboration with the SOAS Centre for Gender Studies. Finally, the cluster is a vehicle for engaging with the SOAS Centre for Gender Studies and with those outside the SOAS community working in the area of feminist economics.

If you would like to become a member, please email:  or

Current Research Themes include:
  • Gender-equitable macroeconomic policies for Europe
  • Agriculture, gender, time use and food consumption in the developing world
  • The relation between productive and reproductive work
  • Globalisation and processes of labour feminisation


Dr Hannah Bargawi: