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Financialisation, Economy, Society & Sustainable Development (FESSUD)

Financialisation, Economy, Society & Sustainable Development (FESSUD)

‘How Finance Can Better Serve Economic, Social and Environmental Needs’

SOAS Research for as Large European-Commissioned Research Project

SOAS researchers in the Economics Department actively participated in this large multi-party, multi-disciplinary research project, which lasted from late 2011 to late 2016 and included 15 partner institutions. The budget for SOAS alone was about 1 million Euros.

Following are various published papers (research briefs, working papers and studies) written by SOAS researchers. They cover some major emerging economies as well countries throughout Europe. In response in particular to the repercussions of the global financial crisis of 2008-9, the FESSUD project focused on understanding how to reform the financial system in order to help it to more effectively serve economic, social and environmental needs.

The shorter, more readable material from this project (i.e., Research Briefs and Policy Briefs) is presented first. Thereafter, the working papers produced for large Work Packages (namely, #8, #6 and #5) is presented. Lastly, the material from the smaller work packages (namely, #12, #11, Studies in Financial Systems, #3 and #2) is presented.

Research Briefs

The ten Research Briefs below are short summaries of findings from Working Papers written for Work Package #6 of the FESSUD project. This work package focused its attention on the impact of financialisation on major emerging economies. The Research Briefs draw on the contents of longer working papers produced for Work Package #6. But they are written in order to be read by a broad audience.

Dissemination and Impact (Work Package #10)

We also highlight a Policy Brief written for Work Package #6. Such Briefs are designed to broadly disseminate the findings of the FESSUD project and have some impact on policy thinking.

Finance, the Real Economy and the State (Work Package #8)

This Work Package investigates the impact of the evolution of the financial system on the structure, ownership and performance of the real economy and the effective role of the State.

Finance, Development and Global Governance (Work Package #6)

This Work Package Focuses on Changes in the Global Financial and Monetary System and the Resultant Impact on Developing Countries

Final Synthesis Reports
Finance and Well-Being (Work Package #5)

This Work Package has sought to evaluate from multiple perspectives the differential impact of Financialisation on Social Well-Being across the EU

Synthesis and Conclusions (Work Package #12)

This final Work Package is designed to synthesize findings across FESSUD work packages and produce general implications and conclusions

Foresight (Work Package #11)

This Work Package explores the possible evolutions of financialisation, financial sectors and relevant policies over a 15 to 20 year time horizon.

Studies in Financial Systems

These publications provide lengthy Country Studies as a basis for generating Comparative Perspectives on Financial Systems in Developed Economies

Work Package #3

This Work Package focuses on the Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis

Work Package #2

This Work Package has produced general analyses that help to deepen understanding of Financial Systems in Developed Economies