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Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Maimoona Cheema, Pakistan

MSc Finance and Financial Law

Maimoona Cheema (MSc Finance and Financial Law)

I have found the MSc Finance and Financial Law degree particularly useful since it has added essentials of finance including but not limited to concepts of risk management, financial markets, banking and investment to my skill-set

Tariq Islam

MSc Finance and Financial Law

Tariq Islam

Part of the reason I chose SOAS over others is because it offered the Islamic Banking and Finance elective module.

Erum Abdullah Al-Howaish

MSc International Management (MENA)

Erum Abdullah Al-Howaish

In short, SOAS is a place where you feel that the world meets, but without boundaries

Andre Keuck

MSc Finance and Financial Law

Andre Keuck

There is absolutely no question that I would recommend SOAS to anyone interested in a hybrid finance and law master's program. It's a place like no other, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered going back for another course. Hopefully one day…

Bauhinia Chi Har Lam

BSc International Management [China] [year abroad]

Bauhinia Chi Har Lam: BS c International Management (China)(year abroad)

SOAS is the best place to study the rising economy of China

Yiyi Li, China

MSc Finance and Financial Law (2012-2013)

Yiyi Li

I would recommend the MSc Finance and Financial Law programme at SOAS for those who are interested in both finance and financial law while also wish to compare the differences between jurisdictions.

Tomoko Sugimoto

MSc International Management (Japan)

Tomoko Sugimoto

SOAS is a unique university in which to study management and its environment in Japan

Boying Xu

PhD Finance and Management

Boying Xu

The friendly research atmosphere, extensive library resources and academic training courses will help to stimulate your inspiration, promote your talent, and push yourself to new academic heights.

Shyan Al-Barzangi

BSc International Management (MENA)

DEFIMS - UG - 2014 - Shyan Al-Barzangi - BSc International Management (MENA) - images 186,240,56,165

During my first year at SOAS I set up the Iraq Society in the Students’ Union.

Julia Eberhard

MSc International Management

DEFIMS - PG - Julia Roswitha Eberhard - MSc International Management - 2015 - images 186,240,56,165

SOAS offered a unique programme combining Business with the Middle East and North Africa region, which was just what I was looking for.

Vicky Cheng

MSc Finance

DEF - PG - 2016 - Vicky Cheng - MSc Finance - IMG - 240,186,165t,56t

My entire time at SOAS has been a very positive experience.

Catherine Tuhirirwe

MSc Finance and Financial Law

FIN - PG - Catherine Tuhirirwe - Msc Finance and Financial Law - IMG 240,186,165,56

SOAS has a long-standing reputation for a rich curriculum that is especially focused on Asia and Africa.