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Finance FAQ

  • What does the Finance Directorate do at SOAS?

    The Finance Directorate assists and enables the School to meet its academic objectives by providing the following services:

    • Agresso self service system for expenses and procurement.
    • Advice and support from Finance Business Partners.
    • Accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.
    • Managing the relationship between the School and our endowment and investment fund managers.
    • Preparation of statutory accounts and returns. 
  • Who is my Finance Business Partner?
    Please see a list of departments and their corresponding Finance Business Partner's contact details on MySOAS.

  • I have a problem using Agresso, who should I contact?

    Please visit the Agresso pages on MySOAS for step-by-step instructions on how to access Agresso, submitting new expense and advance claims, as well as help with approvals, substitutes and amending rejected claims. 

    If your problem still hasn't been answered please contact

  • How can I claim back expenses from SOAS?

    If you are a member of staff at SOAS and need to claim back expenses, please visit the Agresso self-service page on MySOAS for more information. 

    If you are external to SOAS and need to claim back expenses please fill out the 
    Non-SOAS Staff Expense Claim Form (available on the Finance Forms page) and return it to

  • I have a question about my pension scheme/pay at SOAS, who should I contact?

    Pay and pensions are dealt with by Human Resources at SOAS. Please visit their Payroll and Pensions page for more information. 

  • I have a query about studying finance at SOAS. Can you help?

    We are the Finance Directorate, part of the Administration and Support Services within SOAS.

    We are not an academic department and therefore are not able to deal with any queries relating to studying Finance at SOAS.

    Instead, you should contact the School of Finance and Management who will be able to assist you further. 

  • How much do I need to pay/ How much are my fees?

    Please check the following links for more information:

    If you are still unsure please direct any queries to

  • What are your bank details?

    Please find SOAS bank details on our Paying your tuition fees page. 

  • What details should I quote when making a bank transfer?

    Please quote your student ID and full name. 

  • How long does it take for a bank transfer payment to reach SOAS?

    Please check with your bank who will be able to confirm. 

  • What methods of payment do SOAS offer?

    Student paying their own fees can make payment in the following ways:

    • Online by debit or credit card
    • International online bank transfer
    • Bank transfer
    • By instalments
    • Cheque and banker's draft
    • At enrolment
    • If you are sponsored, funded or have a tuition fee loan
    • Aternative payment arrangements in certain circumstances 

    Please visit paying your tuition fees for more information.

  • Can I mix payment methods?


  • How can I obtain a receipt for my payment?

    Please email

  • How can I obtain an invoice for my tuition fees?

    Please email

  • Do SOAS charge a fee for paying by credit/debit card?

  • When are my fees due?
    Your tuition fees should be paid in full before or at enrolment at the start of each academic year. For more information please visit paying your tuition fees

  • Are there penalties for late payments?

    Please visit the Payment of Fees Information document, via paying your tuition fees, for more information. 

  • How do I apply for Student Finance?

    Please visit Funding your studies for more information. 

  • I have a query regarding my SLC (Student Loans Company) application.
    Please email or call 020 7074 5142.

  • How do I request a refund?

    Please see our Fee Refund and Charging Policy for more information. 

  • My question hasn't been answered here!
    Please visit our internal FAQ page via MySOAS where you can find more information!