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Foundation College Staff

Senior Management Team

Mr Robin Kearney
Foundation Year Lead (Student Experience)
Robin Kearney

Cultural Fluency; Introduction to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities; The World from SOAS; Academic Practice.

Programme Heads

Mr Jonathan Darlington
Programme Tutor, Intermediate Certificate Course
EAP Teacher
Johnny Darlington
Has worked at SOAS since 2000 and previously taught in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. Currently teaches English for academic purposes on the ICC Undergraduate Foundation Programme, ELAS, in-sessional courses and the TEAP teacher-training course. 

Ms Alison Goodliff
Interim Co-Head of English Language and Academic Studies
Alison Goodiff

Programme Tutor for English Language and Academic Studies (ELAS), Programme Tutor for Access to English for Academic Studies; teaches both academic literacy and oracy as well as English language support classes for Academic subject content; creates, moderates, and administers course content and assessments for both ELAS and Access to English for Academic Studies programmes. Contributes to teacher development and EAP training; for the latter specializing in Critical thinking and the understanding of Academic English conventions and anomalies. Has designed and taught bespoke courses for closed international groups.

Ms Emma Hilton
Interim Co-Head of English Language and Academic Studies
Emma Hilton

Programme Tutor for English Language and Academic Studies, Programme Tutor for Access to English for Academic Studies and Moderator for Academic English on the ICC Foundation Programme.

Mr Matthew Murphy
Summer Programme Coordinator
EAP Teacher
Matthew Murphy

Matt has worked at SOAS since 2005 and has an academic background in Philosophy and Development Studies. He has taught in Japan, India and Germany. As well as running the Summer Programme, Matt teaches Academic English and Research Methods.

Ms Magdalena Grose-Hodge
Pre-sessional Coordinator
Grose-Hodge, Magdalena - 240, 186,56

Introduction to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, English for Academic Purposes, Teaching English for Academic Purposes.

Mr Neil Robbie
Programme Tutor, In-sessional Courses
Neil Robbie

I run In-sessional support courses here at SOAS, which provide English for Academic Purposes and Skills support for International students at SOAS. I also teach on the International Foundation course supporting Development Studies and Academic Practice on the Foundation Year programme.


Dr Christopher Boyle
Chris Boyle

Christopher Boyle received his PhD from the University of Sussex in International Politics. He has wide experience teaching international studies at undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, he teaches modules in international law, politics, and economics, as well as supervising MSc students. He has published works in Millennium Journal of International Studies, European Journal of International Relations, and the Journal of Historical Sociology.

Dr Tolulope Eboka
Eboka Tolulope - 240, 186 ,54

Received her PhD from the University of Northampton. Tolulope’s research interests are in criminalisation, gender, race and social justice. She has worked on questions of Black History Month, cultural violence, higher education policy and practice, particularly in terms of racialised inequalities. Tolulope’s regional interests are in West and East Africa. She is currently working on questions of police brutality and cybercrime in South-West Nigeria. Tolulope is a member of the British Society of Criminology and a Senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Ms Christie Goodall
EAP teacher
Christie Goodall

I teach several courses on the Foundation Year which is a course designed to prepare students for undergraduate programmes at SOAS. The courses I teach include units on the BMEL course (Business, Management, Economics & Law) and AP (Academic Practice). I specialise in helping students to understand and excel in academic writing skills so that they can achieve their aim of entering an undergraduate programme at SOAS the following year.

Dr Gerard Gunning
EAP Teacher
Gerard Gunning

I lecture on a world literature module here at SOAS and contribute to teaching on IFCELS' media studies modules as well as a range of EAP modules taught at IFCELS and at other departments.

Dr Andrew Kennedy
Kenndy Andrew - 240, 186, 56

Andrew Kennedy teaches and researches the global history of art, cultural studies, and heritage and museum studies. He is particularly interested in the relation between culture, imperialism and nationalism, and how this relation shapes the ways in which we perceive and imagine identities, spaces and boundaries.

Dr Simon Leppington
Leppington Simon - 240, 186, 56

Digital Skills and Technology - digital age; network society, basic coding, website design, social media, Microsoft Office skills, video production and editing, sound recording and production, blogs, digital portfolios, marketing oneself - CVs and online profiles.

Numbers and Quantitative Reasoning - misleading statistics, central Tendencies, data, surveys, sampling and populations, measurements and comparisons, thinking visually, correlation, causation and regression, risk, probability, applied numeracy.

Dr Kevin Manton
Kevin Manton
Coordinator: Understanding the Modern World; The World From SOAS; Introduction to Social Science, Arts & Humanities

World History; Understanding the Modern World; The World From SOAS; Introduction to Social Science, Arts & Humanities

Dr Mark McQuinn
EAP Teacher
Mark McQuinn

Lecturer in Development Studies:Issues in International Development Studies, Development in Practice

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  • Academic Support Hours: Mondays 14.00-16.00 or by appointment

Dr Michael Reinsborough
Reinsborough, Michael - FC

History and Sociology of the Sciences; Digital Skills and Technology; Responsible Research and Innovation; Social Movements.

Dr Orsolya Szakaly
Orsi Szakaly

Teaching: Understanding the Modern World; Introduction to Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities. Research: Early Modern History; the Enlightenment; International Networks; Professionalisation and the History of Applied Science.

Dr David Worrall
Worral David - 240, 186, 56

Business expansion; global competitiveness and marketing; MNC operations; the roles of management and leadership; corporate governance and ethics; microeconomics; macroeconomics; common law and civil law.

Senior Teaching Fellow

Mr Anthony Attah
Senior Teaching Fellow
Attah, Anthony- 240,186- FC

Anthony Attah is a Lecturer on the SOAS FY Programme for BMEL (Business, Management, Economics & Law) and the Module Convenor for Numbers & Quantitative Reasoning

EAP Teachers

Dr Gareth Bentley
EAP Teacher/Subject Lecturer
Gareth Bentley

Gareth Bentley studied an MA in Film, Television and Theatre Studies at University of Glasgow, an MA in International Relations at SOAS and completed his PhD in Media at SOAS in 2013.

Dr Etain Casey
EAP Teacher
Casey, Etain - FC- 240,186

IFCELS Introductory courses,ICC Certificate Diploma,In sessional support, Summer Courses and TEAP.

Ms Sabina Cato
EAP Teacher
Sabina Cato

Interested in art, the social sciences and their relationship; EAP for art and social sciences; teacher and lecturer on the ELAS ‘Introduction to Art’ module; also works at Goldsmiths University.

Elizabeth Hollis-Watts
EAP Teacher
Elizabeth Hollis-Watts

I have two Masters degrees, one from the Institute of Education (University College London) and the other from the University of Sydney. I am Australian but have lived and worked in London since 2001 and have also lived and worked in Japan and Saudi Arabia. I currently teach English for Academic Purposes and have an interest in digital learning and its impact on both teaching and learning in tertiary education.

Mrs Jeshmeen Kanjee
EAP Teacher - UCAS advisor and Dignity Advisor
Jeshmeen Kanjee

Interests: African literature and post-colonial studies, diaspora literature, gender perspectives in literature, equality and diversity, anti-bullying, mental well-being and mental health.

Ms Debbie King
EAP Teacher
King Debora - 240, 186, 56

EAP teacher and course coordinator at SOAS since 2004. Has taught English to adults in the UK and Japan. Areas of specialism include English for Media, Film studies and History of Art, and materials development.

Dr Maria La Falce
EAP Teacher
Maria La Falce

EAP Teacher/Lecturer with specialism in Politics, International Relations and Development Studies; Research Methods Co-ordinator and Course Designer; Specialisms in Academic Skills of Essay writing, Reading and Research Skills and Presentation Skills; Works with undergraduate and postgraduate students on the ICC and FDPS programmes; Pre-sessional and In-sessional Teacher.

Dr Catherine Lewis
EAP Teacher
Lewis Catherine - 240, 186 , 56
Academic literacy skills, sensitive to individual student needs/backgrounds in light of student diversity, widening participation, international students; action research, collaborative learning, language and ethnicity, mixedness.

Mr Samuel Martin
EAP Teacher
Sam Martin

I have taught academic English at SOAS since 2003. I am mainly interested in the factors that can block students from realising their intelligence in an academic context. For this reason, I am very pleased to work with IFCELS, where there is a strong culture of interest in students.

I have taught across a wide range of subject areas, from mathematics to International Relations to art. I am particularly keen on the essay as a way to develop critical thinking.

Ms Milena Stajic
EAP Teacher
Stajic Milena - 240, 186, 56

Joined SOAS in January 2013 and has taught EAP across all programmes; from 2006 to 2010 worked as a Certified Court Interpreter at the Court and Special Department for War Crimes of the Prosecutor’ Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo; fluent in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian and teaches these languages at The UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies and The University of Westminster.

Administration Staff