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Livestock: Dairy And Textile Products

Livestock are, however, what the Bakhtiari are probably best known for. Boys and young men from the age of 9 or 10 live and work up in the hills with the grazing sheep and goats – coming down for milking and their meals:

Women and girls do the milking; all the laborious by-hand dairy work; and graze any cows:

As well as dairy products, the Bakhtiari are famous for their carpets and other woven textiles:

None of the nomad women I walked with were still making carpets, although some of those I met in the town of Lali were using chemical dyes and non-traditional designs to make carpets for their own homes. Some more traditional carpets are shown here:

As well as carpets, Bakhtiari women weave their black tents:

Traditionally, animals skins were also used for making shoes: