SOAS University of London

Open Days

Asia House in association with The Wellcome Trust presents


A Major Exhibition of Asian Treasures from the Wellcome Library

13 October – 12 December 2004




Education Programme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund


Asia House has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant to organise an exciting education programme to complement the exhibition. All activities are FREE and open to all.


Open Days: Encouraging family to explore and discover Asian wellbeing through inclusive and exciting activities. There will be 2 Open Days on Saturday 23rd October and Saturday 13th November. Activities run from 11am-5pm.


Saturday 23 October: Activities include tai-chi and kendo workshops and demonstrations; story-telling for children; Japanese tea ceremony; Indian head and facial massage sessions, film screening of 'Knowledge of Healing' – a fascinating documentary on Tibetan medicine; and as part of 'The Big Draw' campaign we will be presenting 'Shangri-La' – a whole day art extravaganza for all the family, creating Tibetan prayer flags to welcome visitors to the exhibition.


Shangri-la Create your own Tibetan prayer flag. Be inspired by spirits, gods & goddesses, magical amulets and precious Asian manuscripts to create your own auspicious prayer flag. Working on calico with dyes, paints and sequins, your creations will welcome visitors to the Asia: Body Mind Spirit exhibition. The wind will carry your wishes to Shangri-La.


FREE events programme 12-5.30pm



12.00-1.00T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Gong workshopsG2
12.00-1.30Indian Rangoli workshop - create Ayurvedic floor designsG2
12.00-1.30Shangri La - make colourful Tibetan prayer flagsBG05
12.00-1.30Indian head massageBG04
12.00-1.30Indian facial massageBG04
1.00-2.00Bengali folk stories for under 5'sEducation space
1.00-2.00T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Gong workshopsG2
1.30-2.00Japanese tea ceremonyG3
1.30-2.00Gallery talkLower gallery
2.00-3.00Japanese kendo martial arts workshopG2
2.00-3.30Shangri La - make colourful Tibetan prayer flagsBG05
2.00-3.30Indian Rangoli workshop - create Ayurvedic floor designsG2
2.30-3.00Japanese tea ceremonyG3
2.30-3.30Bengali folk stories for 6-9 year oldsEducation space
3.00-4.00Japanese kendo martial arts workshopG2
3.00-4.30Indian head massageBG04
3.00-4.30Indian facial massageBG04
3.30-4.00Japanese tea ceremonyG3
4.30-5.30Lecture: Health & Healing in Asian MedicineKhalili Lecture Theatre