SOAS University of London

Hana Darabi

12 Photographic Journeys - Iran in the 21st Century

15 October - 12 December 2003

For Hana Darabi photography is, above all, a sort of nostalgia, perhaps a melancholy arising from an internal self-exile. Her efforts focus on showing fragmentation of time and space. Her scenes from the daily life of a family all evoke the same disjointed movements of hands, heads and looks of people isolated in a room walled by silence. The images are dismembered: a head cut, another emerging from under the robe of a woman, two men on a couch separated by an irreversible fracture of time. At times they are reflections in a mirror or an intimation of a smile which hides boredom. All these human beings appear frozen in time, like statues awaiting an event that never comes.

One of the youngest of the photographers presented here. Born in 1981 Hana Darabi is still a student at the Department of Visual Arts Tehran University. She explores the drama in the ordinary where nothing seems to happen. Her photographs are given extra force by the use of a soft black and white.