SOAS University of London

Farzaneh Khademian

12 Photographic Journeys - Iran in the 21st Century

15 October - 12 December 2003

Farzaneh Khademian takes us inside the bus. There sexual segregation is brought out. Images, for the most part, show isolated women. They reflect an old lassitude, a mental fatigue. One is sleeping; another is sunk in herself with a lost gaze. The body language speaks of a void inside, of exhaustion with life, of failure and upheaval, of people crushed under social constraints. There is no ray of hope to add sparkle to these haggard looks, of lives condemned to a fastidious repetition.

Born in 1972, Farzaneh Khademian studied photography at Azad University of Tehran. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of daily newspapers and held both individual and group shows. She is a board member of the 'Association of Iranian Photo-journalists' and has won a number of prizes over the years. She brings out the emotions as well as indifference underlying the lives of the anonymous in a modern urban society.