SOAS University of London

Contemporary Israeli Art: Senior Generation

29th June - 15th August 1998

Lea Nikel, a non-formal abstract painter, is passionately immersed in a struggle between the patch of colour and the line that is so conscious of the action through which it comes into being. Moshe Kupferman uses a reductive process which starts with a highly emotional expression and is finally converted into silence. The paintings and sculpture of Michael Gross begin with a love of the boundless and arrive to the painful tenderness of contraction. Since 1965, Avigdor Arikha, a highly esteemed abstract expressionist, has been following only what the eyes can see. "It is perhaps in his double awareness, at once transcended and implicit in his work, that he is in a sense heroically alone" (Samuel Beckett on Avigdor Arikha, 1982).

Senior Generation
Avigdor Arikhab. Romania, 1929
Michael Grossb. Israel, 1920
Moshe Kupfermanb. Poland, 1926
Lea Nikelb. Russia, 1919

The exhibition comprises approximately 70 works - drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs and video installations from three generations of artists (senior, middle and younger).