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Sharis Garabedian D'Ambrosi

Sharis Garabedian D'Ambrosi

Born, Tehran
Lives in Paris

Exhibitions - Photography

2005 'Photo+' ACCEA, Yerevan
2004 Biennale of Gyumri, Steel Gallery, Gyumri, Armenia
'Paintings of Reality' Solo show, ACCEA, Yerevan
2003 'The Circle Show' The Philadelphia Cathedral, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
2002 ACCEA Tenth Anniversary Exhibition, ACCEA, Yerevan
Selection show for The Venice Biennale, ACCEA, Yerevan
1997 'Body and Skin' Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art - ACCEA, Yerevan
1996 'Torri D'Awistamento' Sala Anselmi, Viterbo, Italy
1994 'The Third Exhibition' Toumanian Museum, Yerevan
1993 'Itineraires Mediterraneens' Centre Culturelle Italien, Lyon, France
'Identification' Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan
1992 'Faces of Armenia' Gorky Gallery, New York
1991 'European Images' Bix Bank, Paris
'Untitled' Bistro Metro, New York

Exhibitions – Installation/Painting

2002 Biennale of Gyumri Installation, painting/video, Steel Gallery, Gyumri
2001 'Shadows of Dust'. Installation ACCEA, Yerevan
1998 'Il Linguaggio Degli Etruschi' Installation, Tel Papi, Viterbo, Italy

Organised by the Armenian Institute with Veronica Castro and Dr. Abdollah Guivian, the exhibit will be the highlight of a two-month long series of events, lectures and workshops primarily on Iranian Armenians in Iran and the U.K.

This exhibition has been possible through the generous support of: The Benlian Trust & The St. Sarkis Trust