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Henrik Khachatoorian

Henrik Khachatoorian

Born 1967, Tehran
Lives in Tehran
Graphic Designer, Theatre Director


1996-98 Theatre Training center, Hamid Samandarian
1996-97 Theatre Training center, Tehran University
1995 Trained with Painter, Gholamhossein Nami
1994-95 Theatre Training center, Shahid Shah-Abadi


1989 Painting, Azad University


1998 Founder of Pordz (Experience) Theatre Training Group, Armenian Graduates of Iranian Universities Association
1995 Founder of "RAI" Design Studio
1991 Founder of "Kadre Azad" Design Studio Theatre
2002 Directed "Green bench" Moshegh Ishkhan's interpretation of written texts by Anton
1999 Directed "Bolbol SarGashteh" a play written by Ali Nasirian
1998 Acted in "Seven Poems" directed by Kitoush Arzoyan
1995 Acted in "Macbeth", directed by Lousanna Avanesian


2005 Designed Vahe Mouradian Life and Works
2004 Designed and Researched Aibenaran two volumes student books in Armenian for preelementary grade
2002 Designed Churches of Tehran
2001 Designed and Researched Khajak Ter Grigorian, Armenian Traditional Costumes
Founder and Director of RAI Design Studio specialising in Armenian visual culture
Founder and Director of Pordz (Experience) Theatre Training Group

Organised by the Armenian Institute with Veronica Castro and Dr. Abdollah Guivian, the exhibit will be the highlight of a two-month long series of events, lectures and workshops primarily on Iranian Armenians in Iran and the U.K.

This exhibition has been possible through the generous support of:

The Benlian Trust & The St. Sarkis Trust