SOAS University of London

Hazel Thompson, Measure of a Woman, 2008

Hazel Thompson’s work investigates women’s roles in contemporary culture and documents how the pace of modern lifestyles impacts on their traditional status and functions within economic and social structures. She explores the influence of the built environment on women, and the influence women exert on their environment, both public and private. Working in Qatar and Bahrain, Hazel spent time with five women in each country, spanning five age-groups, from students in their 20s to widows in their 60s. Travelling with them through their everyday lives, Hazel observed how the women move through the different spaces, and negotiate and shape their surroundings. These serial portraits give insight into how women in the Gulf define themselves, how they construct their identities, and how they contribute to their culture through, the arts, media, science and business. The journey through the generations describes the recent history of change in both the physical and cultural landscape of their societies.

Hazel Thompson was born in 1978 in Surrey, UK. She is based in London.