SOAS University of London

Lamya Gargash, Presence, 2007

The Emirates are in a state of continual metamorphosis; there is no place for decline and neglect, skins are shed and discarded as the States grow and change. The interiors in Lamya Gargash’s evocative photographs are being deliberately vacated and replaced in favour of new structures – new skins. Lamya enters these buildings uninvited, a rogue historian documenting empty rooms, and the traces of their inhabitants, using only the available light. The images she captures are painterly– in places impressionistic, elsewhere exquisitely detailed - the compositions are formal. Thus Lamya gives dignity and significance to these buildings - memorials of the first burst of confidence at the start of the oil-boom thirty years ago – and the lives lived in them.

Lamya Gargash was born in 1982, Dubai, UAE. She currently lives and works in Dubai.