SOAS University of London


Thursday 20 January - Saturday 25 March 2000

Due to popular demand this exhibition will be open on the following Saturdays - 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March.

Matthew Ehizele

The challenge that steel, a "rigid, cold and brutal material of our technological age" poses, is Matt's motivation to create paradoxical forms that portray dynamism. He seeks to create an order by fusing concepts, materials and techniques. He invests immensely in the economy of material and means to portray flexibility and movement. His 'Down Town' series is a classic example of his achievement in this regard. Sometimes the viewer cannot help but feel concern for the rider that is delicately balanced on what appears to be a rocket bicycle. Matt has also done a lot of work towards the projection of the majesty of the Benin royalty. He teaches at the Ahmadu Bellu University, Zaria.

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