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Thursday 20 January - Saturday 25 March 2000

Due to popular demand this exhibition will be open on the following Saturdays - 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th March.

Lami Bature Nuhu

In much of Africa, a lot is demanded of the female in raising a family. As a result of this not many female artists are able to strike a balance between this and art practice which is equally demanding. Lami however, is a personification of hard work and courage. Despite her chores and the significant distance to her studio, she still paints almost daily. She likes to relate colour to the moods of her subjects. Her preferred area is therefore portraiture. Her desire to remain truthful to her studies sometimes leads her to visit her models at home to study them in their natural setting. The results are astounding. Behind the facade of shyness for instance, a viewer may detect the capacity for mischief in some of the younger models. Lami practises in Zaria.

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