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Organised by
The Iran Heritage Foundation ,SOAS,Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, The National Film Theatre , The British Museum and The British Institute of Persian Studies


2 June - 30 July The National Film Theatre
Art and Life: The New Iranian Cinema
The most extensive festival of Iranian films ever produced, interspersed with visits by more than ten of Iran's most prominent directors.
Contact: National Film Theatre, tel: 0171 928 3232


6 July 30 September Brunei Gallery, SOAS
Royal Persian Paintings: The Qajar Epoch 1785-1925
This exhibition is the single most important show devoted
to the paintings and the visual arts of eighteenth and nineteenth century Persia.

8 July -14 February Addis Gallery British Museum
Later Persian Paintings and Lacquer: Art of the Qajars and their Predecessors at the British Museum
An exhibition that concentrates on Qajar works on paper and lacquers from the permanent collection of the British Museum.
Contact: tel: 0171 323 8846, fax: 0171 323 8561


10 July Lecture Theatre British Museum
Arts of Iran: Achaemenids to Qajars
A one day event of lectures and gallery talks in the British Museum and the Royal Persian Paintings exhibition providing a survey of Persian art from the Achaemenid period (5th century BC) to the end of the Qajar era (early 20th century).
Contact: British Museum Education Department tel: 0171 323 8854

24 June - 4 October Lecture Theatre SOAS
Qajar Persia: A Lecture Series
An important two part series of 13 lectures. One provides an introduction to Qajar art and architecture, the second focuses on the contact between Europe and Persia during the same period.
Contact: CNMES tel 0171 323 6239, fax: 0171 637 4248, e-mail:


14 September Brunei Gallery SOAS
The Qajar Epoch: Culture, Art and Architecture
A four day conference focusing on painting, the decorative and performing arts, architecture, print culture and photography in Qajar Persia.
Contact: CNMES tel 0171 323 6239, fax: 0171 637 4248, e-mail:

11 July Brunei Gallery SOAS
Iranian Cinema: The Culture of Representation and the Representation of Culture
A one day conference reviewing various aspects of Iranian cinema and exploring the complex relationship between film and Iranian society.
Contact: CNMES tel 0171 323 6239, fax: 0171 637 4248, e-mail:

25 June Brunei Gallery SOAS
Iran under Riza Pahlavi 1921-1941: New Perspectives on State and Society
A one day conference intended to provide an opportunity for a reappraisal of the experience of modern Iran in this period of rapid change.
Contact: Dr Stephanie Cronin, History Department, SOAS Tel: 0171 323 6146, Fax: 0171 323 6046, E-mail:

This Exhibition is supported in the UK by The Iran Heritage Foundation