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Contemporary Syrian Art

Contemporary Syrian Art

Syrian Culture Week


13 – 19 September 2004

The British-Syrian Society and the London Middle East Institute are delighted to announce an exciting exhibition of Syrian contemporary art, to be held at the Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies in London this autumn. A small but representative group of internationally acknowledged, talented and influential artists will show works in their chosen media, which include oils on canvas, collage, wood and bronze sculptures.


The principal aim of the exhibition is to introduce visitors to the excellence and diversity of contemporary Syrian art and the richness of the country's artistic heritage and teaching. Past splendours, delicate threads of gold, bold calligraphy and messages abound. The artist in Syria today has a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to draw upon from both the country's Occidental and Oriental traditions; this has produced works that are powerful in their use of colour, figurative, abstract and often with a hint of dramatic narrative. Each artist presents a number of pieces selected by a committee of artists.


The list of exhibitors below contains artists who themselves are providing influences for the latest generation of students, most of them have not only exhibited internationally but have also continued their own studies abroad: Nazir Nabaa, Shalabeyeh Ibrahim, Elias Zayyat, Ghassn Naanaa, Mustafa Ali, Ihsan Antabi, Ali Muqauuas, Abdulla Murad, Lotfi Alremhain


Curator: Ghiyath Akhras


The exhibition is part of the Syrian Culture Week, which encompasses a variety of programmes including film, lectures and music. It will include an evening with the gifted Kanoun player Abdullah Chhadeh whose music is a fusion of western and oriental sounds, classical music with the internationally renowned Kinan Azmeh and his Quintet, film night followed by a Q&A session with a Prominent Film Director, lecture on the Medieval Architecture of Syria by Nasser Rabbat the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Architecture at Massachussets Institute of Technology, and a lecture by the well known art critic of the International Herald Tribune Souren Melikian. In addition the week will feature a lecture on 'Syria, the home of many Cultures,' by Dr Sebastian Brock of Oxford University.


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